Sunday, August 31, 2008


EMM...apakah perasaan anda apabila dilanggar?
dan si pelanggar tidak peduli untuk mengeluarkn perkataan
"sorry" atau "maaf"..
apakah perasaan anda apabila dilanggar tetapi dimarahi malah
dicampakkan pula muka yang seperti bontot kuali?

yeessss...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....i just hate going out today..evryone main langgar2..bodoh,buta...BIADAP!!!
eeiisshh...dah la ko langgar org pastu ko nak carik gado..
dah lah ko langgar org pastu ko buat muke..BIADAP!
dah la ko langgar org pastu ko main campak2 brg..BANGANG!!
dah keje ko susun brg,ko susun je la..yg pegi letak troli tgh2 jln sape suruh..BAHALUL!
dah la bulan baik..ko nak marah2 xtentu pasal apahal..
yg bangse2 lain pun sebbookk jugakk...
why cant u give priority to us???
mmg otak tiade...

ko bapak budak,langgar org ko xgeti mintak maaf...seb baik aku ni budak..kalo besar sikit..mmg da lame dahh kne ketuk dgn kasut aku yg 4inch...biar belubang...mcmtu nk ajar anak?
sungguh BIADDAAPPP!!!!name je melayu..tapi "ME -LAYUU

dah lah nak beli brg sume habis..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiisshhh...
mmg menguji kesabaraannn oowwhhh...
yg org tua perasan mude xingt nk mati agaknye..
dgn laki2 yg xsedar diri...girlfriend kat sebelah bole lgy nk flirt2..

diam jap..(+.+)

esk nak puase..xnk dah gune bahase TTttTTtttTtttUUuuUUuuuUUTTttttt!!!
selamat berpuase..
sorry to write this in malayy!..:P

hv a good day evryone!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i'll live it to u..u make ur decision.. campus totally different..soo..theres like..1001 magnificent thinggy thats,love,study..liar if ur not into any i right??.. u read my blog..i admit..i am into sumone..n i bet u know who is it...and now..its like..we're having sumthins going on..but i just hope that evrythin will become cool like we used before..hopfully...hmm...keep my finger cross....
ok..lets forget bout that..humm..this whole week is all about..entrepruneurship(might spell them incorrectly..)soo..i did bought a loott...especially cupcake..well im a cupcake LOVER!..haha..soo..evryday i bougt them like..2cup..but today i didnt bought my cash is running out...aaaaaaaaaaa!!..but yeah...i manage to eat n taste it..AT LEAST..:D..

bout my studies..humm..gonna have exam on...25th of august..which is..this coming monday..and then..RAMADHAN!yeeaayy....its gonna be fasting month..then raya..
but what i can say,im not gonna celebrate like "WE" used to i told many things came up...i hv a family problem which is private and convidential...watever...but i really wanna thanks all my friends..who stay and give me the strength to be stronger...thank u so much..especially to my both of u..even sometimes..i felt a bit..TERABAI..but watever laa..i cant aspect u to stay with me all the time..and i really thank to mates..:) u all soo much!!!XOXO!!

okey..hmm..waat else ek? u arab KID..:P..i really had fun with u..and thanks for the mcd as i was craving for it!!!hahahaha...wish u all the best and best wishes for u..:) is like a roller coster...sumtimes ur up,sometimes ur down..its up to u how u take can be super cool even worst until can make u be fobia with i told u..its all depends on matter how big is your problem..just enjoyed evry moment..theres someone out there whos there for u..may be not ur loves one..i can be ur frenz even ur worst enemy...the most important thing yourself and focus..defnarely your problem can be cool..chill..and always remember..ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTES in your life..have fun..when its time for u to play,play,be crazy,be as maddd as u can..but if its time for u to be serious..dont make yourself looks stupid..ayte..

as in life,u are the one who make ur own wisely before u do sumthin...and to "U"..i know..sometime im a bit really sorry..hope u'l be here safely..and u manque l'u autant de..beaucoup..hope this 1 month will fall fast...:)..

kepada bintang..if u bace this post..i would really like to thank u for being such a nice fren towards me..i know ur mad with me..even i got so much of thing yg i cam xpuas hati dgn bintang..but..nvm..watever it is...may hapiness will always be with u..kalu i ade bwat salah sama bintang..kite mintak maaf byk2..u take care always..

and to both my hunny sorry..i might be away from both of u a while..i need time and space for myself...but we can always talk like we used to be..just that i cant join u..when u keluar or wat not..sbb bintang selalu dgn both of my hunny bunni..watver it is...i love both of u..k..
and to my..MIRA..thanks for being there for me..n thanks for lyn-ning my kerenah!!hahah...i love u too..and we must work out a lot dear..or else jd cam badak air!!aaaa...ttiiddaakk!!..

soo...hoping evryone will have a greatday..and..again to bintang..jaga diri bintang..



Sunday, August 3, 2008

hope "u" read this..

There is this guy that I'm diggin'

What I've been lookin' for

Don't know where to begin

We've been talkin'

But Not enough

But when we do talk the things that he says I do love

When I see him and we talk

There is this vibe between us

I don't wanna stop

So original and so deep

This guy is just like me

let's try something
Let's try to be together
Maybe wrong choice of words
I just want time together
Who knows,
maybe we will
We'll really like each other
Give me a chance
Maybe I'll change your mind forever
I think you need someone
Like me to help you to
Clear your mind way off stress
And that's what I will do
With my laughter, smile, crazy thoughts
Who'd never knewThat I'd end up really feeling you
He told me I was beautiful
But what if he tells that to every girl he talks to
'Cause I'm not the only
But actually wish that I could be
He's what I've been lookin' for
Like no other guy that I know
Because he is, is so right
I swear I think about him from morning to night
That makes me stop and realize he's good looking
But that is not what attracted me, tacted me
So fabulously matched me to him
It was his style and persona
How he does what he does
His whole walk
How he talks is true
So maybe we should
And we could
Put all things aside
Spend some time..

and i want u to know that..watver ur dicisions happy if u r happy..

take care evryone..