Sunday, September 28, 2008

u are such a BITCH..

sorry for using the "rude" languange...but i think..she deserved it..
to u FUCKER...
u took sumthin dats belong to me..
and u took "him" away..
fine...just wait and see...
cuz i believe in karma..
wat goes around come around...and to u fucker bitch..
u took his love away from me...FINE..
i can stand at my own feet losseeerrr...
engkau mmg xlayak dilahirkan kat muka bumi ni
we'll wait and see...who's gonna suffer afterwards...
seems like u want him sooo bad..
as if..mcm xde jantan lain dlm dunia ni..
hey sundal,ko jgn ingt dgn cara ko rampas kasih syg my dad..
u can do watver the fuck u wanna do..not dat simple...
im gonna make sure i get mine..
MINE IS MINE FUCKER..ko mmg manusia paling LOOSER aku penah jumpe..

to all my friend..thanx a lot for helping me and calming me..and stay with when im totally down..only gods bole bls..amin....

and to sorry...papa tetap ayh adik..
tapi..when u scolded me on the phn dat day...just bcuz of that fucking bitch...
it makes me hates u till death..sorry for that..and what really upsetting me is..
u rather hang up the phn while talking to me just bcuz that sundal call u..
which i think...SUPER LOOSSERR gler bAB..
we'll see wats next..

and to those johorian yg kebatakkan...
the game has just begin...bagus.
kita lihat siapa yg akan merana kemudian hari..


Saturday, September 27, 2008

i miss her..:(

I <3>

shes my GIRL..i miss her so mucchhh...
even we less talk,and both of us know..wats exactly happen btween us..
but i really want u to know..dat i sayang sgt dekat u!!


rindu bile time kite slalu bersame..tapi xape..

:)..saya tetap gembira bila melihat herfaku syg gelak tawa riang!..:)..suke melihat apabila dia bersifat "HYPER"..
kerna itu mmg melambangkan diri dia...
suka tgk bile die berceloteh..haha..sgt comel!:)

suka tgk bile die berjenaka..boleh pecah perot die bikin..
suke tgk die bahagia..hihi..
sabrina tetap syg efa..keep it lock in ur mind k..;D..

thats herfa and me..we r superrr hyper active!!haha..i missed it a loottt!!!:(

i love girl!!muakss!!!..:)..if ive said or done sumthin dats really hurt really sorry..i hope u underu stand me..and i know u do...u know me very well...and really thanx for that...

p/s:a bit blurr..but basiccally nmpk anyway..:D

yyeeeassss...we LOVE too look GOOD!..kami mmg suke berangan malah melaram!:D...

Friday, September 26, 2008

10 things i like about "u"

to mr.koala..hope ur reading this...:)..

10 things i like about u :

1)i like u bcuz u cared me so much..

2)i like u bcuz u treat me well..

3)i like u bcuz ur being so nice to me

4)i like u bcuz of ur heart

5)i like u bcuz u r urself when ur with me

6)i like u bcuz u stole my heart!!

7)i like u bcuz evrything that u promise u really mean it..

8)i like u bcuz u always there by myside...

9)i like u bcuz u never let me down

10)i like u bcuz u always cheer me up...

even its been like..6 month..we dont meet each other...and even we rarely got to chat...i really want u to know that....i am still right here...if watever i've said before or treat u bad..i am really ssoorry...

evrytime when we will defnately make smile even i will be like suppeer duppeeerr HAAPPYY!!and my heart will be like..*tttiiiinnkkkk* sparkling!!hahah..

im just sitting,wishing and waiting..........
take care always...

Sunday, September 7, 2008


hohoho!..well..well...well..what to say..hummm..ITS SEMTEMBER!!!!:D..
im getting suppeeerrr excited!!haha...
lets forget bout it for a while..shall we?
humm...right quite...worried for my..FINAL exam...aAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
bcuz..if i didnt manage to pass this final..i cant go for my next semester even i have to PAY more!
byk laa...duit wa tarak weehh...!!!gagagaggag..
soo...i wish evryone..goodluck for exam...and to those who are having ur final,or ur very best k..!:).. my huni bunny and my dearest sorry cuz lately i dont really join u guys..and i bet u know why......pada diri..diri xkesah...cume kadg2 kite xbole nk espect org utk senantiase dgn bole berubah within 2 jam pun bole..inikn 2 hari..diri senantiase ingt pesan atok...



and i really wanna thanks to all my classmates..for entertaining me..teach me..and make me realize..sumthin that i'l remember always!!:D..Big HUG to U!!!:) koala..hope im still with u..hihii..

well evryone..take care..and hv a great evrythin!!!