Thursday, June 26, 2008

diri yg bodoh

i hate myself..cuz asking such..a STUPIDooSss question..di mane bole dikatogerikn sebagai...

"KEMEMEH" ...niat di hati bukan nk carik gaduh..

niat di hati hanye igin mengetahui..kebenaran dan menyatakn apa yg ter hasrat di hati

kadang,mmg lelaki memandg certain soalan hanye remeh...

tapi...saya rase sume perempuan mengambil sesuatu benda..sebagai..SERIUS..

dan mmg diri ini..agak lemah

dan mudah utk termkn ape kate hati..

tapi..hati rase puas leps dah menyatakn ape yg terhasrat dan dipendam setelah..3 bulan memendam..

mmg diri ni penh mmberitahu ape yg terhasrat tapi tidak sesirius tadi..di mane diri membilangnye dengan..geram..melepaskn ape yg tersirat di hati yg hati pendamkn selame nie...

thanx to "U"..cuz make evrything really clear..and its has cleared my mind...and sorry to be weird...

diri hanye mampu meminta maaf yg tak terhingge..harap2 kite bole jadi mcm biaase..

hati sentiase syg kn diri kamu koala...

mmmmm.....diam..dan terus diam..mebawe diri ke arus yg deras..adakah diri dpt mengatasi dan mengharungi kederasan itu..atau..die lumpuh,jatuh tersungkur..??..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


All I do is sleep all day,
And think of you
A memory of the cushion lifeI'm clinging to
The image of a mutual one, our haven
The sombre chords of our song
The fading
Love is no big truth
Driven by our genes
We are simple selfish beings
A symphony that's you
Joyously awaking the ignorant and sleeping
Passion and it's brother hate
They come and go
Could easily be madeTo stay for longer though
Many people play this game
So willingly
Do I have to be like them?
Or be lonely?
Joyously awaking the ignorant and sleeping
Another view of what there is to it
Getting me through it.
I'll never need it again..never ever again...

and thanx for evrything...

nolalita <.?

Monday, June 23, 2008

funny ke??or LMAO?? having my 2nd week class...and today was having my economics class...all of us..was reeally excited and..really focused..(even im a bit tired thoe..)..then..all of sudden..PPPPPrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaPPppPPPppPPppp....!!!blackout..and this is the 2nd time...and i was a i think...and the paper that was writing the notes...TERRRrrKoooyakk...its bcuz of the sshhoockk!!aaaa...and i need to re-write them again!gggrrrr...

soo..this week..i already have like....4assgmnt..need to pass up on..semptmber..(aaaaaaaaaaaa!!semptmber??!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D)..hmmm...and evry subject im in difren that i can know..which person taht really work and which are parasit!...

nothing thats really interesting today..just that last week...theres a guy..which i dont really fancy nor like...he asked me to go out..soo at then when he asked me to go to club..hell NO!!!..i dont think his a nice man or a friend thoe to be with....aaaa....clubing is not the perfect things to do to get to know sumone..unless theres sumthings...sumthings...aaaaaaaaaa..watever la...

soo...i think..this whole week..i manage to talk with my koala...miss him a lot!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! roomate,my housemate evryone treats me really NICE!!!im not trying to be bossy or princess in the house...but they treat me ssooo nice even sometimes im a unconfortable with it but...u like an adult..can always talk or sumthing2...

hmmm.....and today??i took like quite num of picx with my babe!aaaaaaaaahh!!love u girl!

mmm..weelll..i think i need to sleep...need to wake up early tomorow..

slamat mlm..goodnite evryone...may all ur wish come true!!!!!


nolalita (",)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i can feel the heat now!!! much..its just that..the assignment..are getting more and more..but the lec just brief us what actually its all about..sooo...i dont really hv any group at this moment..but i really hope...once i get a group..all of us will coperate towards each other...its hard..if..only some people do the work and yg lain hanye menumpg name atau lebih dekenali sebagai....parasit..di mane hanye menumpg ats pokok bg mndptkn kepentingan diri TttTTttTTuuUUuuuUUTTtttttTTT bukan??

soo...among the getting to like it i think..especially..human devlopment..where by u learn bout people...quite interesting!! economics..i love economics..soo yeaaa!love them!!its not easy..but not really hard..all u need effort..and..the interest itself..or else..defnately gonna be tough..hmm..what else??..bissness math!aaaaahh!!i sucks at math..seriusly..thank god i didnt failed it during SPM..(ita a big exam....its the exam for u to ensure to continue to U..or else...u need to reseat the test...which mean u hv to REstudy for 2 years!!)..

soo..all together..for this trimester..i need to take 5 subjects..which are...

1)human devlopment
2)bissness math(its really,really hard!!botak kepale oo nk pikir!!!)
3)economics..(aaaahh...soo into!:P)
4)accounting..(memeningkn..!but i'll try my best to be the best!..:D)
5)english..( english!!..and french and spanish!!)

soo..that are my subjects..that i neeed ttoo learn..and...its really make me to be more independent...MORE..:)...

so,tomorow i got class in the morning..aaaa!!8am..dammnn!got to wake up early evryone the best!!!daaaa~~!!!

mmm..but at this quite worried...mmm..about hte DA thing..papa might need to go AUS,canberra..90% sure will go..but just dont know when..hmm...and..mama called me..this morning...while im about to start my class...she said...

mama:mama nk tanye bout ur result la..what do u get for ur blablablabla???

adik:mmmm...blablabla...why are u asking me all this??

mama:im filling some form..required form..where by for u to do ur canberra...why? just asking...

mama:ok la..dats all i wanna noe..sorry for interupting ur class..

adik:nvm..bye.. u noe how i felt that time??dddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuummm!!!the tears coming to drop...aaaaaaaaaaaa..i hate it..why now??why me?not fara??why??im just about to start a new life..then all of sudden this thing came up..its sooo fucked up!!!eeeeeeeeeeeee....i really hate i called fara just right after i've finished my told me result is very good..and are qualified to continue my study there....FUCK UP..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....i noe..i should be grateful..but i DONT wanna GO there..not for this 2 years....PLEASE....

fara whose the one who crazy to move to aussie not me...then why dont just fara go there??isnt it good??but idk.....right just using evry single sec to spend time with my BFF...and yeaa..we had lunch together...go to class together..wake up each other...and i pray to god..PLZ...dont let this things happen..please....

kalau anda yg membace ni,
anda ade org yg anda sayangi,
anda akn tahu..rase..apakah keperitan yg saye rase
pada saat ini..
hanye tuhan saye berserah...

so..i really hope..and wish..all of this thing wont happen!plz...and to mista koala...i'll be always with u..:)..

take care evryone..

nolalita.. :(


Monday, June 16, 2008

the journey has begin.... sorry cuz stop it for a short while..was quite bz with my thing...mmm..right away from home...but not really far..(to me la..) doing my foundation in management..(: ...and i got an orientation..for the whole of last week..its really awesome,cool,and seriusly i enjoyed it soooo much!!!!!!!i manage to meet new motto for this,,having the NEW of me,myslef...evrything..cuz i wanna forget watever that had happen for the past few years...

ok..back to the story..during the orientation....quite num of time..i got punishment..its all bcuz of those ggrrrrrrr guysszzz....damn u!!!hmm..some of them record it which really make me pissed off!!!malu laa wei!!.....but yea..from there..i manage to meet quite numbers of new frenz..;D..and..and i learn the 'chicken dance' was really funny..but seriusly its fun!!even i thought miss squissy thoe...hahahahaaa.....mmm....i learn build up the confident towards more rensposible...more independent..and most importanting take care of myself..and all those BUAYA DARAT!!....

mmm...during the orientation..i met someone...i name it as...Mr.L....his really,really...waat should i said..mmm..not as hot as my koala of coz laa kn...average laaaaa...cuz all the gurls was like..

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa...his hot..!i want him.."..and so on...which make me like...aaaaaaa....go ahead la...i got my koala..much more hotttzz!!dont give a damn laa..hahahahahaha.... usual..i meet lots of people......sometimes i dont know..why..'they' wanna know bout ur status...daaa~~???i rather keep it as a secret besties..yea,they know..but i think....if u just wanna be friend..why were u bother bout the status??bangang jer...soo...mmet new frens..and thanx to evryone cuz keeping me company!and not HOME sick!!!yyeeaayy...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;D

just start my class today..itts a bit funny..but..overall..i really enjoeying myslef here..:)..and..thnx to miss squissy cuz giving me the moral support...(yg x bermoral)..:P..haha..kidding jer laa!.. parents bought me a notebook..which belongs to me..ONLY..and yeeaa..i really like it sooo much!!!TQ papa,mama...:P...

hmmm...last internet....haaa~~boring a bit..but all the boredem was filled with meeting new frens..n chit chat till 4 am...really cool!!!!:P

now..i can update evrything..from time to time!!yeaahh!!,i can on evrything!but the conection here was really bad..cant even web caamm..adooii!!!hmmm...,i managed to talked with mr.koala...which i realllyy misss him more then much!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!...1minggu tidak berkomunikasi..gler td baru dpt borak...hehe..miss ya!! magrib pun mama dah call..sume dah settle...notes dah print..and im ready for my next class..!!!hope it will be more fun!!!:D

ok..i need rest now..thanx for dropping by at my take care evrybody..and be matured day by day..:)....



Sunday, June 1, 2008

happily in sunway..end up at hospital..amazing???gagagagaga

well..on wednesday..cant remmber the,my sister and one of her bestfren..all of us went to sunway lagoon...its more or amuesment park...ade wet and dry park....thought of going with my girlsss.....(include boyssszzzzz)..:P but...evryone hv thier own things to june is just around the corner...its the month of BUSY...becuse its basically the month for continueing studies...kat malaysia la....overseas xtau...soo...went i go there..i was really enjoyed...even feel a bit lonely of cuz...:( but i can deal with it...haha...i ride evrything except the thing that will make me wet hell no!!!!!we dont bring extra clothes even bikini or swimming trunk or swimming suit or watever...

so..theres a ride..that i emmhh quite like it..but seriusly its a nightmare thoe...well...when i ride it for the 3rd time...i hit a steel which is..the handle bar...can u imagine how pain is it???gagagagagaga....soo...right after that..i was rushed to a hospital...mmm....i never knew that its really serius during that night..bout..11pm..i need to do operation...and i cant remember anything..wheter its pain or...feeling good..or...watever...IDK!!..bcuz i've been given the..bius..soo...i dont feel anything..and how it feels??mmm...its like...u die for a while..thats wat i can say..;D..

soo..right after i've finished my operation..i awake at..5.30 am...bcuz the nurse was taking my blood pressure and i can feel the pain..aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!i wanna scream but i cant cuz i was sooo weak..and..i slept back bcuz the pain was really killing me...!!...thanx to mama,papa,kakak especially..thank u sooo much!u save my life kakak!!!@.@..umi,abg eddie,kak su,along,kak zura and abg nuar..i saw u guys and i remember...all of u were there to give me support...and thanku soo much for supporting me...and i've get evryone troubles!!!SSOOORRRYYY!!!!haha..soo..waht i've been told by my doctor...mmm...i lost a loootttt of blood..and 2 of my blood vassels..pecah..sound scarry???eeeeeeeeeeeee...even when i heard it i really feel like is she kidding??or its killing me???soo...i cant walk icant o nothing...which is really bored to death!just lay on the bed..and my butt are growing wider and wider...YIKIES!!!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....i really concern bout my body..well i think evryone was tummy got spare butt are like bumper car...OMG...i hate it...

it takes get my feet back..and still..i cant jump, i cant move to much..but then..when shopping time....hell yeah!i can walk..and still keep myself look GOOD..doesnt mean im sick i hv to look sooo lame...eee...hahahaha...but i really wanna thanx my sister..bcuz of her i can see the world back..or else...i've coma..thanx for keeping the conversation...even when im in pain u still making jokes...adeehh!..and because of operation had been postphn!haha..thanx kakak!

soo..right after i got parents brought me to a PD(port dickson) the nearest place that hv my place which is malaysians of coz..saye bangge jd ank malaysia..(kononnyer...)watever..i refused to follow..which i said in my heart..see i just finihed my operation and yet wanna bring me here and there...adoooiii..but then..i just gooo..bcuz my parents have booked the hotel..and its my mom who wanna spend the weekend over went there and seriusly its the worst vacation i've ever had!damn it!cuz i have to seat on the stupid wheelchair..and i cant go anywhere i want..bcuz papa or fara will push it..and if i push it myself..defnately akan tertonggeng..lagy nyanyee!!! pretending im enjoying it..cuz i dont want mama to feel bad..i want her to enjoy...

so..the nextday..we went to a private beach..which is in...johor..and its my plan actually to go there..before i got to U..soo yeah..during that 3day..i got my feet back..alhamdulillah...:)..and i feel sooo mreaxing...forgot all the problems...its feel like heaven!!!!!!haaaa...i wanna go there again!defnately!!i will...:D..

so now....its just like..4-5 days more to go..which i will continue and start my journey...mylife is in my hand..hmmm..i really miss my koala a lot...and what really a matter to me now is perents keep on talking bout the DA things..which we need to move out of malaysia...god plz dont make it happen...:(..if they really need to go..plzzz they hv to be other then canada,aussie or any place that in my parents mind..i dont wanna go..plzz....haa..

jika anda pernah terjerumus dlm 'cinta'
pernah merasai apakah itu 'cinta'
merasai disayangi..
melalui keperitan yg saya alami..
melalui dunie yg saya lalui..
anda pastim memahami ape yg tersirat di hati ini....

i really miss my koala more then much..and lately..his very2 busy.and we dont really cuz im sad..but.i hv to be understanding..and i always pray for ur success mr.koala!!!goshh plz..let let this 3month fall as fast as u can...amin..

"u give mylife back..
 u let me to live and give me the strength..
 to face evrything..
 even ur the one who give me the confident back!!"

thank u soo much mr.koala...if u read sorry if i've ever hurt ur feelings..
much love from me...:)

so..right busy preparing my stuff..and spending these last week with my family..especially with miss gonna miss evryone of u...koala of cuz i really miss uu aalllooottt!!!!!haaaa!:(..alan,fara,nina,meerna,all the big sis and bro..badar...

well..i wish evryone goodluck in whatever ur doing an take care always...spend these last moment with someone u love..especially family!family or bf 2nd yer..:P..watever it is..
have a grreat evrything!!pray for my suceess, parents wont go for the DA thing..

thanx for droppin by to my blog..and keep on reading k...:P

nolalita signing out...(",)...