Saturday, December 20, 2008


i dont know what to talk about...
but euuhhh..
i dont know what am i suppose to do during the weekend!!!!
ok fine..some might say
A: why dint u study?
B: why didnt u go out..have fun?
C: why dont u go back to kl evry week then?
D: sleep laa...
E: go to zoo..

so many idea that they gave a bit lazy to study....go out?..i dont hv $$$$!!!!
evrytime going out..we need $$$..without $$$..i cant go anywhere..yet my poket money is very limited laaa..adeh la!!!
uhum...sleep??..if i keep on sleeping then im going to grow side to side and my mind cant work properly....yet im gonna be so lazy as hell!damn!!!

going back to kl is not a good idea..i mean i didnt mean i dont like going back to kl..I LOVE so much to go back to kl..the thing is..who going to send me back to melacca???...yea.i can go by bus..but my parents dont allowed it..cuz im going to be ALONE going back not a very good idea... going to the zoo..i think i did it..last few month..i can say that..evry 2 week..we went to the zoo...ahhaha!..i know it mmight sound a bit lame OF ME..but..i dont know what else to do...
uuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhu....i hv a list..what im gonna do whenn im back in kl..

so still figuring out..what im gonna do later..well..i think i should go now..
as my tummy is singing!


tc evryone!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i feel it all

dedicated to mr.koala..:)..i hope ur good, happy as u do..and hv a great evrything..:)

I feel it all
I feel it all
I feel it all I feel it all
The wings are wide the wings are wide
Wild card inside wild card inside
Oh I'll be the one who'll break my heart
I'll be the one to hold the gun
I know more than I knew before
I know more than I knew before
I didn't rest I didn't stop
Did we fight or did we talk
Oh I'll be the one who'll break my heart
I'll be the one to hold the gun
I love you moreI love you more
I don't know what I knew before
But now I know I wanna win the war
No one likes to take a test
Sometimes you know more is less
Put your weight against the door
Kick drum on the basement floor
Stranded in a fog of words
Loved him like a winter bird
On my head the water pours
Gulf stream through the open door
Fly away
Fly away to what you want to make
I feel it all, I feel it all
I feel it all I feel it all
The wings are wide, the wings are wide
Wild card inside, wild card inside
Oh I'll be the one to break my heart
I'll be the one who'll break my heart
I'll be the one who'll break my heart
I'll end it thought you started it
The truth lies
The truth lied
And lies divide
Lies divide

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

damn n like is 2 diff thing..
and the pb is that...
only now i realise it..
i LOVE sumone else..
but i've make a big mistake..
i dont wanna hurt anyone..either u,you,and u especially..
and im still thinking how to tell u..
and how to face u in future..
im still thinking......
HOW and why i made such a decision...

and yes..the turth is..MY HEART BELONG TO SUMONE ELSE..


Friday, December 12, 2008


dear mama...
i love u so much!!
happy birthday mama...:)
im sorry i cant celebrate it with u..
and im sure fara is planniinng even makin some suprise for u!
and im sorry i cant be on the day itself as im having my exam!!!:(

ur so strong that i envy u so much...
and im proud to have a MOM like u...
wish happiinneess always be with u..with us!
we love u dearly!..and thank u for everything that u've sacrifice for us...
and thank u for "LAYAN-NING" my "KERENAH"..
hahaha!...and i am soo proud to be your daughter..
and u cant find a UNIQUE daughter like US!!^^..
since i was young..u really cared me much..
but still kakak dpt ATTENTION LEBIH cuz shes super wonderwomen!
u make me realise sumthing..
that life is not as simple things as i think...
from attitude,to work,money,expenses,study,relationship..just everything...
and the main key to success is SOLAT..huhuhuhuhu...
i'll keep that in my mind till i die...
last but not least..


clear up!:D

:P.. my friend..:)..he is someone that really a sweet guy..:)..
we're nothing...hukhukhuk!
and MEMER, if u read this..........

he help me to do lots of stuff!..ehee...
bought my cardi even some clothes!
be there when i need sumone...
very warm heart!!!..;)
and he is soo sweeet!!

and have a great vacation yer memer...
he is going to KK tonite....hv a save journey dear memer!:)..


and yea..i just finished my exam today..and its soooo OMG..
thats all i can say!..super susah tahap dewa yg melampau!...+.+
but nvm..i've tried my very best to do..hopefully we can pass them with flying colours...amin..
oryte..nanite..nk tdo!!


i hate u

regards on my status...the other day...theres nothing to do with anyone of u..may be some...
but not all..nothing to do with u ok MR.KOALA??..
its just made me do man cant think straight?
why ccant they think the consequences before making any decision?
why yea??....

take care everyone!!:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

cutest boyfriend ever <3

- Girl :​​ I love you.
- Boy : Yeah I know,​​ every​one loves​ me.
-​ Girl :​​ Reall​y?
- Boy : Yeah, every​ one of my frien​ds that are girls​ tell me that every​day.
- Girl : Oh but am I only your frien​d?
- Boy : No, you’​​re my girlf​riend​.
- Girl :​​ So when I say I love you I reall​y mean it.
- Boy : Yeah I know you do mean it.​​ It’s just that you don’t need to tell me that you love me anymo​re because I know you love me since​ the day we got together and i love you more each and every​day.
- Girl :​​ …..
- Boy : So wanna​ go somew​here tonig​ht for our 12 month​ anniv​ersar​y?
- Girl :​​ Yeah.​​.​​.
- Boy : I don’t know.​​.​​..​​maybe​ movie​ then dinne​r?
-​​ Girl :​​ Okay.
- Boy : I’ll pick you up after​ I get off and get ready​ okay?
-​​ Girl :​​ Okay.
-​​ Girl :​​ What time do you get off?
- Boy : In 2 hours​ and then I gotta​ go home and yeah get ready​ which​ takes​ about​ 15-​​20 minutes.
-​​ Girl :​​ hey.​​.​​.​​I thoug​ht you didn’t​ have work today​.​​.​​.
-​​ Boy :​​ yeah but my boss chang​ed my sched​ule.​​.​​.
- Girl :​​ Oh okay!​​ So i’ll see you aroun​d 7:30 then?
- Boy : Yeah!​​ and babe?
- Girl :​​ Yeah?
- Boy : I love you.
- Girl :​​ I love you too!
- Boy : Okay my manag​er is like looki​ng at me so yeah.​​.​​.​​.​​ i gotta​ go..
- Girl :​​ Okay bye.
- Boy : bye!
2 hours​ later​.
The guy drive​s to his girlf​riend​’s house​ and walks​ up to the door
- ​​Girl :​​ Hey! (​​gives​ a kiss to her boyfr​iend)
- Boy : Wassu​p.​​.​​.
you ready​?
- Girl :​​ Um.​​.​​.​​ wait.​​.​​.
let me get my bag and we can go ok?
- Boy : Okay.
They both watch​ed a movie​ and ate dinne​r.​​ Once they were done eatin​g, they heade​d back to the car but befor​e she got into the car.​​.​​.
- Boy : Wait!​​ Can I blind​ fold you?
- Girl :​​ Why?​​?​​!
- Boy : It’s a surpri​se!
- Girl :​​ What kind of surpri​se?
- Boy : A big one.
-​​ Girl :​​ Okay but only if you promi​se me that you will hold my hand while​ we’​​re drivi​ng.
- ​​Girl :​​ Okay blind​ fold me.
So they drove​ off.​​.​​.​and then they stopp​ed.
- Boy : Okay we’​​re here!
-​​ Girl :​​ Where​?
- Boy : Wait, let me walk you to the place​!
- Girl :​​ What place​?
- Boy : Somew​here!​​ (and gives​ a kiss to her on the lips)
- Girl :​​ Baby!
The boy walks​ her to the place​.
- Boy : Okay, ​​let me take the blind​ fold off you.
- Girl :​​ Where​ are we?
He takes​ it off her and she opens​ her eyes and sees the view of the city and at that same spot.​​.​​.​​that’​​s where​ he first​ asked​ her to be his girlf​riend​.​​.​​.​​.
- Girl :​​ Oh my God.​​.​​.​​.
(​​tears​ come down)
- Boy : Why are you cryin​g?
- Girl :​​ This is where​ you first​ asked​ me out.
- Boy : What are you doing​ the rest of your life?​​ (he asked​ on his knees​ and after​ he says that.​​.​​.​​behin​d him.​​.​​.
In the air it says “​​Will you marry​ me?” in fireworks)
- Girl :​​ (​​tears​ come down faste​r)
- Boy : I wasn’t​ at work when you calle​d me.
I was plann​ing this whole​ thing​!
- Girl :​​ Get up!
- Boy : Yeah?
- Girl :​​ (​​kisse​s boy)
- Boy : Is that a yes or a no?
- Girl :​​ Yes!
If you don’​​t repos​t this you will have the lonel​iest life!
If you do repos​t this,​​ you will have a relat​ionsh​ip that will last as long as you want it to!
You have 3 minut​es to repos​t this
if your a girl repos​t this as CUTES​T BOYFR​IEND EVER <3if your a boy repos​t this as WHAT A GIRL DESERVES

Thursday, December 4, 2008

heart that so?

i hv no idea how to say it..but then..yea..i was trapped in my world anyway..!
i get to know that...sumone is liking sumbody else..
but..nvm..u cant force things like this...
but..yea..its a bit frusterated....uuhhhmm..but then....
its okey la..
huh....what a life..
its ok...single is better i think...*sigh*
never ever mind..
the time will come..hopefully...

my advise is..try not to put big hope or else..ur gonna suffer like hell afterwards...and yes...
ive been thru it once..and i dont want to feel it ever again in mylife....its feellss soooo shitty....thank god i manage to get myself back within 3 month...and better now..but still not fully reccoovveerrr....ahhh..!!!..i felt like going out of this country for a while....hopefuly i'l manage to do so..HAHAH..angan2 sahaja..

allrryyteey...need to find sumthing to put on..
take care everyone!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Love is a thing that I can't describe
It sounds so foolish if I even try
Love is an arrow and it points at you
It tells you what you gotta do
Love is a verb and a noun as well
You find it in a dictionary under 'L'To give you a description to spell it out
But they don't say what it's all about
Love is a fire that you can't control
It burns in the middle and it leaves a hole
You can fill it up and you don't know when
It's gonna start to burn again
Love is a good way to lose a friend
It's a two-faced liar that you can't defend
Love is a virus that invades your heart
It starts to take it all apart
Love is a shape that you can't define
With an odd set of angles and uneven sidesyour head's that paper and your hearts the pen
Gonna do this sum again
It points at me
It tells me how it's gonna be...

what will u do if ur heart broken?
what will u do when sumone else took ur heart back?
what will u do to let other person know that u liking them?
how will u handle them?

blablablaa....its stuck ON me rite now!..+.+

Thursday, November 27, 2008

i love u


yg hidup pasti akn kembali kpd-Nya..
sedakah kan al-fatihah kpd adik arina...she's my little princess's lil SIS..
she just passed away on tuesday, 25th November 2008...
bcuz of a brain tumour....may ALLAH bless her soul..amin..

its been a while i dont write!..hell im sooo busy!!!:( we're on the SHORT SEM..
where evrything been compreessssssss,squeezzzeeeee...=..=?...
so,basicly my schedule are soooooo packed!..but the best thing is..i dont hv classes on fri!!..

hmmm...i wanna take this apportunity to wish OUR little princess..HAPPY BDAY DEAR SYAZA!!...i know its hard for u...but..we are always here for u..:) *BIG HUG N KISSEESS!!!*
but i wish a bit late i think....^^...cant wait for u too come here backk.....we know ur strong!!
:) the same time...i wuold like too say I LOVE U KAKAK!!...thank u for evrything u've done for me...eevery single thing u did for me or towards me(even its a bit annooyyyeed sumtimes)..i love u so much..without u i dont know..what might happen to me!:D...u make me laugh,u make me angry at time,u bring me out,be my driver..haha...bbring me back u tooddllleesss!!!:)..i know u might wanna vomit kot if i said it loudly to u..HAHAHAHA...
but i really love u..!..the main thing is..THANK U so much for giving me the moral support...:)...
i know u do love me too!!!hahahhahhaa!!...

and at the same time..i will make a list of people i love...thank u so much for evrything..!!<3 u
~saprat(well,ur name is act prasat!..but i change it!haha!)
~chow(Even sumtimes u anooyyed me..but thanx a lot!:D)
~anwar(u help me a lot dear..:D)

its a list...if ur name is not here....u will always be in my mind!..dont worry...!sorry if i dont put ur name up here...just keep in ur mind that...i love u too!!;)....

well to u mr.NC aka koala...not anymore...wish u are happy with ur life and remember..what goes around comes around....:)...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


we' u coment in my last post...
i wish u all the best.. not in KARMA..
i am happy even ejoying mylife so MUCH!!!
but..any how..
wat goes around comes around...
we'll just wait and see ayte..

warm regards from me..:)..
tq for droppin by anyway..

Friday, October 10, 2008


tidak ku sangka..
bunga yg ku sangkakan
cantik bunganya,cantik bentuknya,
kelopak yg sempurna warnanya...
rupanya ada duri dibalik nya..
sangat ku kesal kerna mampunyai engkau wahai bunga yang berduri..

tidak kusangka..
bunga yg ku sanjung,bunga yg ku fikir bisa
menjadi teman favorateku..seumur hidup
makin lame ku sanjung engkau,
makin byk duri yg engkau keluarkan..
malah engkau sempat berpaut ke
pokok-pokokku yg lain..
ku sayang beberapa kuntum bunga
yg mana aku silap mentafsir keadaan sebenar
malah tidak bermimpi utk memiliki kumtuman bunga2 seperti ini..

bunga yg lawa,cantik di mate ku..
rupenya..hanyalah bunga taik ayam..
yg busuk bau nye sehinngaa menusuk kalbu

bunga yg ku sangka hanya akn hidup sndri..
rupa2nya hanya bisa hidup bila dpt menumpang ke pokok lain..
utk mndptkn matahari..
tidakkah pentingkan diri sndri namenya?
sama seperti morning glory...

ku rela menjaga rumput drpd menjaga kuntuman bunga..
yg hanya akn mendtg pelbagai masalh malah cerewet..
bukan mahu berterima kasih seperti mana rumput
rumput sntiasa menghijau..paling kurg dpt mengindahkn pemandangan...
bukan mcm bunga..kerja nya hanya mencederakn shj..

kadang2 terpikir..kenapa bunga suka tumpang dekat pokok?
mmg die dh mcm gitu....kan..nk buat mcm mane..
ade jugk bunga yg depan je lawa..
tapi bila tenung,tengok,explore..
mmg byk gler debu kat dia...
tapi bila tgk balik..bunga ni mcm bodo2 je..
padahal..die laa hantunye..dielah yg paling byk debu malah kotor..

aku mmg dah tersilap pilih bunga..rumput yg ku sgkakn xberguna
sebernanya lagy byk manfaatnya..
well..people make mistake..and its my 1st for doing for such a stupid decison..
but i believe in karma for sure..what goes around comes around..
and i'll make sure..watever U had done to me...either by purposely nor indirectly..
u hv to pay them back...i tidak dendam..cuma..Tuhan tu adil..we'll c...ayte?

kpd bunga2..terima kasih atas segala nya...

kpd rumput dgn pokok...saya bersyukur sbb kamu sekalian telah
bukak kan mata,hati,minda ni utk berfikir dgn lebih terbuka....lebih luas...
walaupun pokok dgn rumpt xselawa bunga,tapi kamu mulia...bunga byk duri..
byk bentuk..byk kaler...bila kaler,bentuk sebenar dah keluar..
baru tau jenis ape bunga2 ni...

im out...anyway..thanx for dropping by to my blog..


Friday, October 3, 2008


look..kalu u tension sorg2..go ahead..
and stop babit kan org lain..
theres nothing to do with ppa pls..
and u should look to urself..
i need my own life..
i need my own LIFE...pls..
u xde life,sndri tngggung..
ko yg buat diri kau mcm org bodo
papa dah ade org lain let him..
u go ahead with urlife..
yes.i do hv friends..
but since i am kids..
so pls..
at least u hv a great parents bodo..
aku mmg dah byk sabaarr...
baik dgn mama baik dgn papa..
jgn sampi aku lari..
dont make me do sumthin dat is unexpected sial..
jumpe papa,papa ckp mcmni
jumpe engkau
engkau pulak ckp mcmni..
ko ingt aku xtension ke weh..
tlg laaa....



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

when i grow up!:D

haha..i know..the tittle might sounds a bit funny!
well..wat makes me wanna use that pharres bcuz..i am listening to taht song act!
today is the first day of eid mubarak!..selamat hari raya everyone!
may hv a splendid raya...and ready for finals!
damn it la.!
humm..nothing much thoe today..

i've been thinking..some place..which is sooooooooo far away from me...but..yeah..
may be oneday i'll go there...
-its bcuz..i saw some video..bout their rollercoster..if im not mistaken..
its called..ATLANTA..its more or less like sunway logoon(malaysia)..its a water park..but i found it so interesting!!!!:D..and other country..i cant remember all..!!..its like 5 i think..but only this that i can remember that...owh yea..another one is..finland..thier rollercoster wass OMG!its really scary but..i like it a lottttttttt!!!!!!!
another 1 is...BERRY FARM..the roller coster called,Xcelarator..its superr suppeeerrr cool ride..its went back and forth!!...


kpd anda...terima kasih sgt2..saya dah baca blog anda..
dan ia sgt menyakitkn hati..
xpe..bumi ni bulat..
anda buat org..esk lusa anda akan mndpt balik..
tapi..terima kasih sgt sbb kutuk diri ni..
but i dont think u deserve the tittle "FRIEND"


Sunday, September 28, 2008

u are such a BITCH..

sorry for using the "rude" languange...but i think..she deserved it..
to u FUCKER...
u took sumthin dats belong to me..
and u took "him" away..
fine...just wait and see...
cuz i believe in karma..
wat goes around come around...and to u fucker bitch..
u took his love away from me...FINE..
i can stand at my own feet losseeerrr...
engkau mmg xlayak dilahirkan kat muka bumi ni
we'll wait and see...who's gonna suffer afterwards...
seems like u want him sooo bad..
as if..mcm xde jantan lain dlm dunia ni..
hey sundal,ko jgn ingt dgn cara ko rampas kasih syg my dad..
u can do watver the fuck u wanna do..not dat simple...
im gonna make sure i get mine..
MINE IS MINE FUCKER..ko mmg manusia paling LOOSER aku penah jumpe..

to all my friend..thanx a lot for helping me and calming me..and stay with when im totally down..only gods bole bls..amin....

and to sorry...papa tetap ayh adik..
tapi..when u scolded me on the phn dat day...just bcuz of that fucking bitch...
it makes me hates u till death..sorry for that..and what really upsetting me is..
u rather hang up the phn while talking to me just bcuz that sundal call u..
which i think...SUPER LOOSSERR gler bAB..
we'll see wats next..

and to those johorian yg kebatakkan...
the game has just begin...bagus.
kita lihat siapa yg akan merana kemudian hari..


Saturday, September 27, 2008

i miss her..:(

I <3>

shes my GIRL..i miss her so mucchhh...
even we less talk,and both of us know..wats exactly happen btween us..
but i really want u to know..dat i sayang sgt dekat u!!


rindu bile time kite slalu bersame..tapi xape..

:)..saya tetap gembira bila melihat herfaku syg gelak tawa riang!..:)..suke melihat apabila dia bersifat "HYPER"..
kerna itu mmg melambangkan diri dia...
suka tgk bile die berceloteh..haha..sgt comel!:)

suka tgk bile die berjenaka..boleh pecah perot die bikin..
suke tgk die bahagia..hihi..
sabrina tetap syg efa..keep it lock in ur mind k..;D..

thats herfa and me..we r superrr hyper active!!haha..i missed it a loottt!!!:(

i love girl!!muakss!!!..:)..if ive said or done sumthin dats really hurt really sorry..i hope u underu stand me..and i know u do...u know me very well...and really thanx for that...

p/s:a bit blurr..but basiccally nmpk anyway..:D

yyeeeassss...we LOVE too look GOOD!..kami mmg suke berangan malah melaram!:D...

Friday, September 26, 2008

10 things i like about "u"

to mr.koala..hope ur reading this...:)..

10 things i like about u :

1)i like u bcuz u cared me so much..

2)i like u bcuz u treat me well..

3)i like u bcuz ur being so nice to me

4)i like u bcuz of ur heart

5)i like u bcuz u r urself when ur with me

6)i like u bcuz u stole my heart!!

7)i like u bcuz evrything that u promise u really mean it..

8)i like u bcuz u always there by myside...

9)i like u bcuz u never let me down

10)i like u bcuz u always cheer me up...

even its been like..6 month..we dont meet each other...and even we rarely got to chat...i really want u to know that....i am still right here...if watever i've said before or treat u bad..i am really ssoorry...

evrytime when we will defnately make smile even i will be like suppeer duppeeerr HAAPPYY!!and my heart will be like..*tttiiiinnkkkk* sparkling!!hahah..

im just sitting,wishing and waiting..........
take care always...

Sunday, September 7, 2008


hohoho!..well..well...well..what to say..hummm..ITS SEMTEMBER!!!!:D..
im getting suppeeerrr excited!!haha...
lets forget bout it for a while..shall we?
humm...right quite...worried for my..FINAL exam...aAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
bcuz..if i didnt manage to pass this final..i cant go for my next semester even i have to PAY more!
byk laa...duit wa tarak weehh...!!!gagagaggag..
soo...i wish evryone..goodluck for exam...and to those who are having ur final,or ur very best k..!:).. my huni bunny and my dearest sorry cuz lately i dont really join u guys..and i bet u know why......pada diri..diri xkesah...cume kadg2 kite xbole nk espect org utk senantiase dgn bole berubah within 2 jam pun bole..inikn 2 hari..diri senantiase ingt pesan atok...



and i really wanna thanks to all my classmates..for entertaining me..teach me..and make me realize..sumthin that i'l remember always!!:D..Big HUG to U!!!:) koala..hope im still with u..hihii..

well evryone..take care..and hv a great evrythin!!!



Sunday, August 31, 2008


EMM...apakah perasaan anda apabila dilanggar?
dan si pelanggar tidak peduli untuk mengeluarkn perkataan
"sorry" atau "maaf"..
apakah perasaan anda apabila dilanggar tetapi dimarahi malah
dicampakkan pula muka yang seperti bontot kuali?

yeessss...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....i just hate going out today..evryone main langgar2..bodoh,buta...BIADAP!!!
eeiisshh...dah la ko langgar org pastu ko nak carik gado..
dah lah ko langgar org pastu ko buat muke..BIADAP!
dah la ko langgar org pastu ko main campak2 brg..BANGANG!!
dah keje ko susun brg,ko susun je la..yg pegi letak troli tgh2 jln sape suruh..BAHALUL!
dah la bulan baik..ko nak marah2 xtentu pasal apahal..
yg bangse2 lain pun sebbookk jugakk...
why cant u give priority to us???
mmg otak tiade...

ko bapak budak,langgar org ko xgeti mintak maaf...seb baik aku ni budak..kalo besar sikit..mmg da lame dahh kne ketuk dgn kasut aku yg 4inch...biar belubang...mcmtu nk ajar anak?
sungguh BIADDAAPPP!!!!name je melayu..tapi "ME -LAYUU

dah lah nak beli brg sume habis..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiisshhh...
mmg menguji kesabaraannn oowwhhh...
yg org tua perasan mude xingt nk mati agaknye..
dgn laki2 yg xsedar diri...girlfriend kat sebelah bole lgy nk flirt2..

diam jap..(+.+)

esk nak puase..xnk dah gune bahase TTttTTtttTtttUUuuUUuuuUUTTttttt!!!
selamat berpuase..
sorry to write this in malayy!..:P

hv a good day evryone!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i'll live it to u..u make ur decision.. campus totally different..soo..theres like..1001 magnificent thinggy thats,love,study..liar if ur not into any i right??.. u read my blog..i admit..i am into sumone..n i bet u know who is it...and now..its like..we're having sumthins going on..but i just hope that evrythin will become cool like we used before..hopfully...hmm...keep my finger cross....
ok..lets forget bout that..humm..this whole week is all about..entrepruneurship(might spell them incorrectly..)soo..i did bought a loott...especially cupcake..well im a cupcake LOVER!..haha..soo..evryday i bougt them like..2cup..but today i didnt bought my cash is running out...aaaaaaaaaaa!!..but yeah...i manage to eat n taste it..AT LEAST..:D..

bout my studies..humm..gonna have exam on...25th of august..which is..this coming monday..and then..RAMADHAN!yeeaayy....its gonna be fasting month..then raya..
but what i can say,im not gonna celebrate like "WE" used to i told many things came up...i hv a family problem which is private and convidential...watever...but i really wanna thanks all my friends..who stay and give me the strength to be stronger...thank u so much..especially to my both of u..even sometimes..i felt a bit..TERABAI..but watever laa..i cant aspect u to stay with me all the time..and i really thank to mates..:) u all soo much!!!XOXO!!

okey..hmm..waat else ek? u arab KID..:P..i really had fun with u..and thanks for the mcd as i was craving for it!!!hahahaha...wish u all the best and best wishes for u..:) is like a roller coster...sumtimes ur up,sometimes ur down..its up to u how u take can be super cool even worst until can make u be fobia with i told u..its all depends on matter how big is your problem..just enjoyed evry moment..theres someone out there whos there for u..may be not ur loves one..i can be ur frenz even ur worst enemy...the most important thing yourself and focus..defnarely your problem can be cool..chill..and always remember..ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTES in your life..have fun..when its time for u to play,play,be crazy,be as maddd as u can..but if its time for u to be serious..dont make yourself looks stupid..ayte..

as in life,u are the one who make ur own wisely before u do sumthin...and to "U"..i know..sometime im a bit really sorry..hope u'l be here safely..and u manque l'u autant de..beaucoup..hope this 1 month will fall fast...:)..

kepada bintang..if u bace this post..i would really like to thank u for being such a nice fren towards me..i know ur mad with me..even i got so much of thing yg i cam xpuas hati dgn bintang..but..nvm..watever it is...may hapiness will always be with u..kalu i ade bwat salah sama bintang..kite mintak maaf byk2..u take care always..

and to both my hunny sorry..i might be away from both of u a while..i need time and space for myself...but we can always talk like we used to be..just that i cant join u..when u keluar or wat not..sbb bintang selalu dgn both of my hunny bunni..watver it is...i love both of u..k..
and to my..MIRA..thanks for being there for me..n thanks for lyn-ning my kerenah!!hahah...i love u too..and we must work out a lot dear..or else jd cam badak air!!aaaa...ttiiddaakk!!..

soo...hoping evryone will have a greatday..and..again to bintang..jaga diri bintang..



Sunday, August 3, 2008

hope "u" read this..

There is this guy that I'm diggin'

What I've been lookin' for

Don't know where to begin

We've been talkin'

But Not enough

But when we do talk the things that he says I do love

When I see him and we talk

There is this vibe between us

I don't wanna stop

So original and so deep

This guy is just like me

let's try something
Let's try to be together
Maybe wrong choice of words
I just want time together
Who knows,
maybe we will
We'll really like each other
Give me a chance
Maybe I'll change your mind forever
I think you need someone
Like me to help you to
Clear your mind way off stress
And that's what I will do
With my laughter, smile, crazy thoughts
Who'd never knewThat I'd end up really feeling you
He told me I was beautiful
But what if he tells that to every girl he talks to
'Cause I'm not the only
But actually wish that I could be
He's what I've been lookin' for
Like no other guy that I know
Because he is, is so right
I swear I think about him from morning to night
That makes me stop and realize he's good looking
But that is not what attracted me, tacted me
So fabulously matched me to him
It was his style and persona
How he does what he does
His whole walk
How he talks is true
So maybe we should
And we could
Put all things aside
Spend some time..

and i want u to know that..watver ur dicisions happy if u r happy..

take care evryone..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

life getting critical..

When past sometimes takes you with soft hands,
forcelessly pulls you to your chair,
Hides you away from these half days,
sunless at the end of the year,
The air is like a knife cutting through you.
A room in the house is always warm.
Stretched out on the bathroom floor,
of fair days your future may hold.
Love comes like surprise ice on the water,
love comes like surprise ice at dawn.
Deprived of the light and of colors,
the world ends at your window tree.
Darkness creates these illusions,
but pale days can teach you to see.
Rain falls,
but no life is given,
weeks pass,
no progress is made.
Past sometimes takes you with soft hands,
and all that surrounds you will fade.
Love comes like surprise ice on the water,
love comes like surprise ice at dawn..

i am a critical moment rite now..
watever it is..pray for my happiness..

Monday, July 14, 2008

WHY?? mylife right now..are really getting from bad to worst...for god sake..huhh..



some people are...hasty?

why they keep on pushing u?..

i just dont understand..some u know..if there's sumone who u had crush in rlationship..but u still wanna try ur luck...why dont u just make a move...

in my opinion...mmm..if u hv crush on sumone...and if that sumone dont really reply or act or balas balik...on ur reaction..then u should know the meaning...and why are they so clueless????xkn nk bgtau kat batang idung sndri..

well..i know..its hard to be rejected...but then..sumhow..u should know who to handle some situation...and to ALL rejectors out there..dont reject them 100% at that point of time jugk..its really hard even the pain i tell u its really...SOOOOOOO DAMN PAIN!..ssoo..try to find a way to reject someone secara tak langsung...


sering kali berbicara tentang bulan

teringt akan keletahnye,gelak tawanya,gerak jln nye...

aku sering kali bermimpi di siang hari



aku sering kali bercerita tentang bulan

tidak ade sesiape yg mmpu gantikn tmpt bulan

bulan sentiase ade tersemat kat hati ni..

hati pun pandai..

hati dah kunci diri die..kuat-kuat..

tak de matahari ataupun bintang..

tidak ade ape2 yg dpt gantikn tmpt bulan..

diri sayang bulan yg amat..

tiap mlm diri cari bulan..

minggu sudah,bulan xde 1 minggu..

diri tunggu bulan sampai die muncul..dgn penuuhh sabar!

tiba2,MSN diri berbunyi dah ternmpk

"MR.KOALA online"..

hati girang,jiwa trus tenang,mulut?lgsung xbibaca tapi berbunyi plak

satu suara yg bunyi "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"

diri borak dgn bulan..tapi xlama..

dan hati sgt bersyukur kat tuhan sbb

die berjaya graduate!tahniah bulan..

diri pun xtau kenape bulan yg die pilih..bukan bintang mahupun matahari..

ape yg dri tahu,matahari jahat..

matahari dah ranapkn hidup diri.

tapi kata org yg dah lps biarkn die..

jgn sesekali pndg belakang apabila kita dah buat keputusan..

walau keputusan yg kita buat tu salah..

tapi,kita boleh btulkn die...

ape2pun..ia tetap terpulang kpd diri sendiri...


and i admit myself..i am in love..and i think evryone does..its just that..masa yang menentukan..:)..and im really glad to hv koala in mylife...thanks koala for gimme the strength for who i am today..

and..septmber is coming...!!!!alahmdulillah..aMINN!!!..and i really hope..all my dream will come true..and as u read my last post u probably understand what i ma saying right now...

well..i hope taht evryone will achieve and manage to get wat u want in hard for it..evry problem have the solutiuon...:)

take care evryone!!asta luego!!:D

Saturday, July 5, 2008

wats going on with life...??? home at this back to my "home"..tomorrow..hmmm..i dont know many miracle things happen in mylife...and its really sucks!!!!!!!!!...

now..its parents need to be a DA in aussie...haaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!i dont wanna go..but my sis she's really getting super xcited...

i of my "BIGBRO.."..and this is wat he told me to honest to myself..and..write all of it..the reason why..i dont wanna go..soo..heres it goes..

why i dont wanna follow....

as u read my older post..i keep on talking bout my koala..some might know waht is it all about..if u wanna noe more..just go thru evrythin then u'll know..hmmm..1st..its bcuz of my koala..i've asked try as hard as he get a place over here..and continue koala studies here.....and koala did it..and koala managed to get it..and..he was really struggle to get this place...i asked him to u be will u feel??he'l come here..and i move...isnt it BIADAP namenye?...2ndly..i just about to start a new life..yes..u guys might same goes with aussie..nothing is me..YES..its a MATTER..i wanna hv a newlife with mr.koala...he was the one who..really give me the strength to be though..and he was with me...during my SUSAH time...and his the one who really make me forget all my past and gain my confident towards deal with all people around me...besides my fren..and rite in i got NEW frenz..evrythings new..even..I AM NEW..he convince me..and give me the power to be a better person and make me..more mature..and i really thank to god..cuz gimme the be waht i should be...i dont want to put big hope towards himself..and even..i really fall for him..and..i wanna start my newlife with him..not sumone is sumthin to do with LOVE thing..but..

im a normal human..just like all of u out there..and i wanna prove to my parents that..i can stand at my own be independent...and i want them to know then..i am matured now..and i can think..which is bad and which is good..i dont need thier trust cuz i know they wont..all i need right just a lil faith..for me..and some space for me to breath..and please..let me chose waht i want in mylife...not just by considering waht they want..i know..mama n papa wants the best for me..but..i hv the best for me me to the right path..lead me to the right way..not by ASKING me to do waht u like...i know..this kindda things i shudnt be posting..but its the truth..i write come from the bottom of my heart..

if u think..u've been falling in love..i bet that u will know how i felt right now..if i can..i really wnna turn back the wat i supposed to do...yess..i really regret with what i've done before..and i think..god have punished me...thank u god...

well..i've watched kung fu panda right now..and i learn sumthin from the movie..even thoe its kindda FUNNY..
but..theres sumthin i learn from it.. if u want sumthing to happen..u belive with ur dream..believe in yourself..thats the most important....

now..koala is away for..1week..his having some vacation..happy holiday..and hope evrythongs will doing manque mmmooooiii!!!!

watever it is..i need help let my dream squissy..plz..understand my situation right now..and i i feel right nowkn..

so..thanx to evryone who drop by at my blog..take care evryone..

Thursday, July 3, 2008 usual..

well..classes..were accounting class...its SUCKS!aaaa....its seems like she's teaching the wall..and expecting her student understand wat she said...hallo??cant u asked ur student????and hell yeah..u did asked..but then when ur student asking u sumthing..u will start nag...adoii...then how will u think the student will react????...haaa!!tekanan yg amat sgt... class..human being ok...just that this subject need u to read've got no pb...its just that..the pb rite now is....can i say that... im LOST??..still in HONEYMOON???!! ...

so..wat am i gonna do now is............WAKE UP!!hadooii..truk btul..well seems like i finished my high school..last year dec..and i dont really do anything within that im a bit like lost..but its ok..i'l try not to have that kindda attitude...

hhmmmm..and rite now..i got confused..with myself...hati syg koala...tapi otak jahat..suh suke org len..tapi..hati ni lg kuat..jd die tetap dgn koala..:)...

hhmm..k la..xtau la ape nk jd dgn idup nieeee...hhaaa...its getting complicated day by day...~~!!

well..wish u all the best evryone...


Thursday, June 26, 2008

diri yg bodoh

i hate myself..cuz asking such..a STUPIDooSss question..di mane bole dikatogerikn sebagai...

"KEMEMEH" ...niat di hati bukan nk carik gaduh..

niat di hati hanye igin mengetahui..kebenaran dan menyatakn apa yg ter hasrat di hati

kadang,mmg lelaki memandg certain soalan hanye remeh...

tapi...saya rase sume perempuan mengambil sesuatu benda..sebagai..SERIUS..

dan mmg diri ini..agak lemah

dan mudah utk termkn ape kate hati..

tapi..hati rase puas leps dah menyatakn ape yg terhasrat dan dipendam setelah..3 bulan memendam..

mmg diri ni penh mmberitahu ape yg terhasrat tapi tidak sesirius tadi..di mane diri membilangnye dengan..geram..melepaskn ape yg tersirat di hati yg hati pendamkn selame nie...

thanx to "U"..cuz make evrything really clear..and its has cleared my mind...and sorry to be weird...

diri hanye mampu meminta maaf yg tak terhingge..harap2 kite bole jadi mcm biaase..

hati sentiase syg kn diri kamu koala...

mmmmm.....diam..dan terus diam..mebawe diri ke arus yg deras..adakah diri dpt mengatasi dan mengharungi kederasan itu..atau..die lumpuh,jatuh tersungkur..??..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


All I do is sleep all day,
And think of you
A memory of the cushion lifeI'm clinging to
The image of a mutual one, our haven
The sombre chords of our song
The fading
Love is no big truth
Driven by our genes
We are simple selfish beings
A symphony that's you
Joyously awaking the ignorant and sleeping
Passion and it's brother hate
They come and go
Could easily be madeTo stay for longer though
Many people play this game
So willingly
Do I have to be like them?
Or be lonely?
Joyously awaking the ignorant and sleeping
Another view of what there is to it
Getting me through it.
I'll never need it again..never ever again...

and thanx for evrything...

nolalita <.?

Monday, June 23, 2008

funny ke??or LMAO?? having my 2nd week class...and today was having my economics class...all of us..was reeally excited and..really focused..(even im a bit tired thoe..)..then..all of sudden..PPPPPrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaPPppPPPppPPppp....!!!blackout..and this is the 2nd time...and i was a i think...and the paper that was writing the notes...TERRRrrKoooyakk...its bcuz of the sshhoockk!!aaaa...and i need to re-write them again!gggrrrr...

soo..this week..i already have like....4assgmnt..need to pass up on..semptmber..(aaaaaaaaaaaa!!semptmber??!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D)..hmmm...and evry subject im in difren that i can know..which person taht really work and which are parasit!...

nothing thats really interesting today..just that last week...theres a guy..which i dont really fancy nor like...he asked me to go out..soo at then when he asked me to go to club..hell NO!!!..i dont think his a nice man or a friend thoe to be with....aaaa....clubing is not the perfect things to do to get to know sumone..unless theres sumthings...sumthings...aaaaaaaaaa..watever la...

soo...i think..this whole week..i manage to talk with my koala...miss him a lot!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! roomate,my housemate evryone treats me really NICE!!!im not trying to be bossy or princess in the house...but they treat me ssooo nice even sometimes im a unconfortable with it but...u like an adult..can always talk or sumthing2...

hmmm.....and today??i took like quite num of picx with my babe!aaaaaaaaahh!!love u girl!

mmm..weelll..i think i need to sleep...need to wake up early tomorow..

slamat mlm..goodnite evryone...may all ur wish come true!!!!!


nolalita (",)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i can feel the heat now!!! much..its just that..the assignment..are getting more and more..but the lec just brief us what actually its all about..sooo...i dont really hv any group at this moment..but i really hope...once i get a group..all of us will coperate towards each other...its hard..if..only some people do the work and yg lain hanye menumpg name atau lebih dekenali sebagai....parasit..di mane hanye menumpg ats pokok bg mndptkn kepentingan diri TttTTttTTuuUUuuuUUTTtttttTTT bukan??

soo...among the getting to like it i think..especially..human devlopment..where by u learn bout people...quite interesting!! economics..i love economics..soo yeaaa!love them!!its not easy..but not really hard..all u need effort..and..the interest itself..or else..defnately gonna be tough..hmm..what else??..bissness math!aaaaahh!!i sucks at math..seriusly..thank god i didnt failed it during SPM..(ita a big exam....its the exam for u to ensure to continue to U..or else...u need to reseat the test...which mean u hv to REstudy for 2 years!!)..

soo..all together..for this trimester..i need to take 5 subjects..which are...

1)human devlopment
2)bissness math(its really,really hard!!botak kepale oo nk pikir!!!)
3)economics..(aaaahh...soo into!:P)
4)accounting..(memeningkn..!but i'll try my best to be the best!..:D)
5)english..( english!!..and french and spanish!!)

soo..that are my subjects..that i neeed ttoo learn..and...its really make me to be more independent...MORE..:)...

so,tomorow i got class in the morning..aaaa!!8am..dammnn!got to wake up early evryone the best!!!daaaa~~!!!

mmm..but at this quite worried...mmm..about hte DA thing..papa might need to go AUS,canberra..90% sure will go..but just dont know when..hmm...and..mama called me..this morning...while im about to start my class...she said...

mama:mama nk tanye bout ur result la..what do u get for ur blablablabla???

adik:mmmm...blablabla...why are u asking me all this??

mama:im filling some form..required form..where by for u to do ur canberra...why? just asking...

mama:ok la..dats all i wanna noe..sorry for interupting ur class..

adik:nvm..bye.. u noe how i felt that time??dddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuummm!!!the tears coming to drop...aaaaaaaaaaaa..i hate it..why now??why me?not fara??why??im just about to start a new life..then all of sudden this thing came up..its sooo fucked up!!!eeeeeeeeeeeee....i really hate i called fara just right after i've finished my told me result is very good..and are qualified to continue my study there....FUCK UP..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....i noe..i should be grateful..but i DONT wanna GO there..not for this 2 years....PLEASE....

fara whose the one who crazy to move to aussie not me...then why dont just fara go there??isnt it good??but idk.....right just using evry single sec to spend time with my BFF...and yeaa..we had lunch together...go to class together..wake up each other...and i pray to god..PLZ...dont let this things happen..please....

kalau anda yg membace ni,
anda ade org yg anda sayangi,
anda akn tahu..rase..apakah keperitan yg saye rase
pada saat ini..
hanye tuhan saye berserah...

so..i really hope..and wish..all of this thing wont happen!plz...and to mista koala...i'll be always with u..:)..

take care evryone..

nolalita.. :(


Monday, June 16, 2008

the journey has begin.... sorry cuz stop it for a short while..was quite bz with my thing...mmm..right away from home...but not really far..(to me la..) doing my foundation in management..(: ...and i got an orientation..for the whole of last week..its really awesome,cool,and seriusly i enjoyed it soooo much!!!!!!!i manage to meet new motto for this,,having the NEW of me,myslef...evrything..cuz i wanna forget watever that had happen for the past few years...

ok..back to the story..during the orientation....quite num of time..i got punishment..its all bcuz of those ggrrrrrrr guysszzz....damn u!!!hmm..some of them record it which really make me pissed off!!!malu laa wei!!.....but yea..from there..i manage to meet quite numbers of new frenz..;D..and..and i learn the 'chicken dance' was really funny..but seriusly its fun!!even i thought miss squissy thoe...hahahahaaa.....mmm....i learn build up the confident towards more rensposible...more independent..and most importanting take care of myself..and all those BUAYA DARAT!!....

mmm...during the orientation..i met someone...i name it as...Mr.L....his really,really...waat should i said..mmm..not as hot as my koala of coz laa kn...average laaaaa...cuz all the gurls was like..

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa...his hot..!i want him.."..and so on...which make me like...aaaaaaa....go ahead la...i got my koala..much more hotttzz!!dont give a damn laa..hahahahahaha.... usual..i meet lots of people......sometimes i dont know..why..'they' wanna know bout ur status...daaa~~???i rather keep it as a secret besties..yea,they know..but i think....if u just wanna be friend..why were u bother bout the status??bangang jer...soo...mmet new frens..and thanx to evryone cuz keeping me company!and not HOME sick!!!yyeeaayy...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;D

just start my class today..itts a bit funny..but..overall..i really enjoeying myslef here..:)..and..thnx to miss squissy cuz giving me the moral support...(yg x bermoral)..:P..haha..kidding jer laa!.. parents bought me a notebook..which belongs to me..ONLY..and yeeaa..i really like it sooo much!!!TQ papa,mama...:P...

hmmm...last internet....haaa~~boring a bit..but all the boredem was filled with meeting new frens..n chit chat till 4 am...really cool!!!!:P

now..i can update evrything..from time to time!!yeaahh!!,i can on evrything!but the conection here was really bad..cant even web caamm..adooii!!!hmmm...,i managed to talked with mr.koala...which i realllyy misss him more then much!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!...1minggu tidak berkomunikasi..gler td baru dpt borak...hehe..miss ya!! magrib pun mama dah call..sume dah settle...notes dah print..and im ready for my next class..!!!hope it will be more fun!!!:D

ok..i need rest now..thanx for dropping by at my take care evrybody..and be matured day by day..:)....



Sunday, June 1, 2008

happily in sunway..end up at hospital..amazing???gagagagaga

well..on wednesday..cant remmber the,my sister and one of her bestfren..all of us went to sunway lagoon...its more or amuesment park...ade wet and dry park....thought of going with my girlsss.....(include boyssszzzzz)..:P but...evryone hv thier own things to june is just around the corner...its the month of BUSY...becuse its basically the month for continueing studies...kat malaysia la....overseas xtau...soo...went i go there..i was really enjoyed...even feel a bit lonely of cuz...:( but i can deal with it...haha...i ride evrything except the thing that will make me wet hell no!!!!!we dont bring extra clothes even bikini or swimming trunk or swimming suit or watever...

so..theres a ride..that i emmhh quite like it..but seriusly its a nightmare thoe...well...when i ride it for the 3rd time...i hit a steel which is..the handle bar...can u imagine how pain is it???gagagagagaga....soo...right after that..i was rushed to a hospital...mmm....i never knew that its really serius during that night..bout..11pm..i need to do operation...and i cant remember anything..wheter its pain or...feeling good..or...watever...IDK!!..bcuz i've been given the..bius..soo...i dont feel anything..and how it feels??mmm...its like...u die for a while..thats wat i can say..;D..

soo..right after i've finished my operation..i awake at..5.30 am...bcuz the nurse was taking my blood pressure and i can feel the pain..aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!i wanna scream but i cant cuz i was sooo weak..and..i slept back bcuz the pain was really killing me...!!...thanx to mama,papa,kakak especially..thank u sooo much!u save my life kakak!!!@.@..umi,abg eddie,kak su,along,kak zura and abg nuar..i saw u guys and i remember...all of u were there to give me support...and thanku soo much for supporting me...and i've get evryone troubles!!!SSOOORRRYYY!!!!haha..soo..waht i've been told by my doctor...mmm...i lost a loootttt of blood..and 2 of my blood vassels..pecah..sound scarry???eeeeeeeeeeeee...even when i heard it i really feel like is she kidding??or its killing me???soo...i cant walk icant o nothing...which is really bored to death!just lay on the bed..and my butt are growing wider and wider...YIKIES!!!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....i really concern bout my body..well i think evryone was tummy got spare butt are like bumper car...OMG...i hate it...

it takes get my feet back..and still..i cant jump, i cant move to much..but then..when shopping time....hell yeah!i can walk..and still keep myself look GOOD..doesnt mean im sick i hv to look sooo lame...eee...hahahaha...but i really wanna thanx my sister..bcuz of her i can see the world back..or else...i've coma..thanx for keeping the conversation...even when im in pain u still making jokes...adeehh!..and because of operation had been postphn!haha..thanx kakak!

soo..right after i got parents brought me to a PD(port dickson) the nearest place that hv my place which is malaysians of coz..saye bangge jd ank malaysia..(kononnyer...)watever..i refused to follow..which i said in my heart..see i just finihed my operation and yet wanna bring me here and there...adoooiii..but then..i just gooo..bcuz my parents have booked the hotel..and its my mom who wanna spend the weekend over went there and seriusly its the worst vacation i've ever had!damn it!cuz i have to seat on the stupid wheelchair..and i cant go anywhere i want..bcuz papa or fara will push it..and if i push it myself..defnately akan tertonggeng..lagy nyanyee!!! pretending im enjoying it..cuz i dont want mama to feel bad..i want her to enjoy...

so..the nextday..we went to a private beach..which is in...johor..and its my plan actually to go there..before i got to U..soo yeah..during that 3day..i got my feet back..alhamdulillah...:)..and i feel sooo mreaxing...forgot all the problems...its feel like heaven!!!!!!haaaa...i wanna go there again!defnately!!i will...:D..

so now....its just like..4-5 days more to go..which i will continue and start my journey...mylife is in my hand..hmmm..i really miss my koala a lot...and what really a matter to me now is perents keep on talking bout the DA things..which we need to move out of malaysia...god plz dont make it happen...:(..if they really need to go..plzzz they hv to be other then canada,aussie or any place that in my parents mind..i dont wanna go..plzz....haa..

jika anda pernah terjerumus dlm 'cinta'
pernah merasai apakah itu 'cinta'
merasai disayangi..
melalui keperitan yg saya alami..
melalui dunie yg saya lalui..
anda pastim memahami ape yg tersirat di hati ini....

i really miss my koala more then much..and lately..his very2 busy.and we dont really cuz im sad..but.i hv to be understanding..and i always pray for ur success mr.koala!!!goshh plz..let let this 3month fall as fast as u can...amin..

"u give mylife back..
 u let me to live and give me the strength..
 to face evrything..
 even ur the one who give me the confident back!!"

thank u soo much mr.koala...if u read sorry if i've ever hurt ur feelings..
much love from me...:)

so..right busy preparing my stuff..and spending these last week with my family..especially with miss gonna miss evryone of u...koala of cuz i really miss uu aalllooottt!!!!!haaaa!:(..alan,fara,nina,meerna,all the big sis and bro..badar...

well..i wish evryone goodluck in whatever ur doing an take care always...spend these last moment with someone u love..especially family!family or bf 2nd yer..:P..watever it is..
have a grreat evrything!!pray for my suceess, parents wont go for the DA thing..

thanx for droppin by to my blog..and keep on reading k...:P

nolalita signing out...(",)...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mari kita ckp malayu..:) been demand most of u out gonna write it in malay..which is my own proud to be malaysian...(kononnyer laaa~~)..

hari ini..saya nk berkate2..tentang cinte..atau saye mungkin..akan berpuisi atau..berpantun atau..ape2 yg terlintas di kepale otak ni...saye menulis ini secare sepontan..dan tidak mencuri mane2 atau sape2 punye...

arini saye tertarik utk menulis tentang..cinta..

apakah cinta?
mengapa die mencari mangsa?
sedangkn si makhluk ini...belum lagy bersedia..
dgn kelengkapan utk menyahut cabaran cinta ini...
knape kite perlu bercinta?
sedgkn manusia yg bingai ni tau
cinta itu adalah satu penyiksaan malah meranap kite...

haaa...lantak la..hmmm..ari isnin aritu saye dgn family pergi berkelah..dan sesuatu inseden yg sgt kelakar,...dan agak menunjukkan kebodohan doiri si tolol nie....kaki nye luke akibat tersepak batu yg besar 2x ganda peha nya...dan ini telah menyebabkan kaki si tolol nie luke dan bengkak mcm baru lepas kne laggar lori..bangang bukan?..dan telah menyebbkn si ibu resah di tepi sungai yg jernih xjernih..bukn seng nk cari sungai yg bersih tanpa ape2 pencemaran...manusia yg tggl kat malaysia ni kebanyakkan kan nye tidak bertanggungjawab..otak xde..buang sampah trus..pppaaaaapp masuk dlm sungai...dah la tu..cuci pinggang,cuci segale2 nye kat dlm air sungai tu..sedangkn nak jd negare yg majulah kononyer..haaddeeehh...negare mmg membangun tapi penduduk malaysia masih lagy berpikiran kolot,kalut,kuno,xprihatin....okok..cukup bercerite pasal tu..kembali kepade crite budak si tolol...

sesampai shj die di tepi sungai dimane khemah nye sudah didrikn..trus menolg ibu dlm keadaan sakit..haha..kesian btul kat si tolol tuh..ayahanda??sebuk membakar ayam dan mkn nasik lemak..kakakxkanda??sebok mengeluarkn api drpd arang..phm ke??baynagkn jer la..nnti faham la tu..:P..

sedang sebok mereke bergembira,tibe si tolol jd kamereman jap...amek gambo sume...tetibe.....dddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm....hujan pun turun...

"hujan rintik-rintik,
laut bergelora,
sayang mak sayang bapak
sayang semua nya..."

itulah lagu yg sering si tolol nyanyi..

apelagy...cpat2 kemas..pack sume skali..then..kemas...mlm tu sume jatuh pengsan...

kalo nk ikutkn..mmg klako situasi tu..tapi..biar la...hanye diri si tolol itu aje yg tau.....sbb musabab die jatuh..

k la..nk tdo..nagntok..

slamat mlm..


Thursday, May 15, 2008

the about to begin...

olaaa!! really sorry cuz stop writing it for a while!!..i've bee quite bz!!....


something thats really..upset uncle..have passed away..on..11 of mei..which is mothers day...

he died because of..his


well..i made a suprised for my mom..!we celebrate it at one of her fav restaurant..and..she was so happy..:) happy when my mom smile and when she's happy.....mama!!ur the best!u rock!u are a HOT mama!hihi..i love u mama!!..even sometimes..we had a biggg arguement but..hey, she's still my mama and im still her baby!hiihihi..

and i think..i've been driving her nuts!since i was young,till now!!goshh!!!soory mama!!hehe...but stil..ur a thought mom..and very warmhearted mama!no one can take ur place in my heart!ur a my one can take ur place...even sometimes i always 'degil'...hehe..but i do love u...mmuuahh!!love u mama..

 more thing..that really silly i think...hmm..i went to take my driving was time i think...i failed it!!!daaammmnn it laa!!even the 3rd time...

bodo kan??tersgt laaaa xtau nk kate la...hadooii..mcm nk terjun bangunn pun yer need to re-seat..and study back..i need to get my licence before i continue my study!!

haaa!!!!!...tension ooowwhhh...

hmmm...during mothers day..idk dad seems so clueless..he dont know waht to do...i guy always clueless?or they lost??.....aaaaa...sometimes its really sad u know..when someone u love...u wanna be with..they dont really care bout their partner..may be to u its a lady,they were xpecting doesnt mean it has to be
xpensive..what is the important from ur heart..ur sincerity...its a bery very important!!which really gonna make ur love one melt!!haha.... going to 'start' my journey on..the 8th of june....hmm...cant wait!!:D..i have to be....responsible for myself...and i have to be independent....haha...cant waiitt!!!!!!hmm...msot of my the UPU..which is..goverment's university..they'll support evrything...good for u guys!!!!and congrats!!!!:) my beloved BFF......i really wish u'll get the same as me...!!!!aammiinn!!!..and to mr.alan...haaaa...kesian u...need to do ur lower 6..even ur result is waaaaayyyyyyy excellent then mine!but hey....i know u can do it!!!!!!ciaoooooo!!!hihihii....

and now..irs about....4month more to semptember....:P...and 2month more to go for..july!!!aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!gggagagagaggagagagagagagagagagagagagaa!!!!

im waiting patiently..:).....

i miss all my friends.....:(

..efa,ezhar,alan,zura,farah,sarah,melissa,dian,ayu,intan,echa,marzita,nina,meerna,imran,neko chanz,christpher,hani........OMG!!!i miss u guy soo much..and its been a while we dont hangout...:(...

and of missing my koala soo much..even sometimes we dont really ok with it...evryone hv their own responsible...and they hv their own things to be waiting of cuz...:)..

well...evryone who came to my blog and read it....thank u so sorry for the late post!! :D..been quite busy...and plz...plz plzz....if u have time..plz drop any comment or any msg at my shoutout box!!appriciate it so much!!!!!
and i wanna wish evryone...gudluck in whatever ur doing..wish u all the best!!!may success will always be withvall of u!!!!!!

thanks again..for dropping at my blog!!!!

xoxo misz nolalita (",)

Friday, May 9, 2008

increadible.. getting by day.....*sigh*..
hmm..i had my medical check up today..nice!..

i got nothing actually to say...nothing thats interesting...
tomorrow is a big day for me!!!!

:D... life journey...will start..on 8th june....soooo...

goodluck to myself!!


k la..need to many things actually in my mind...*sigh*..
as ezhar said.."let it be"



(",) misz nolalita.....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

i love u!!!!:D

heylo melloww.....yess..i am sooo MELLOW actually i should have my medical check dad..forgot to make an appointment!... *sigh* been post phn tomorrow..and i need to wake up at..6.30 am..!!!hhhaaa~~~.... i d0nt really eat! DIET!!!haha...
hmm..actually,some of my friends...asked me this question....

1.what are the most things that u will defnately reject someone..(guy)..
-the way the act and they way they talk..i hate guy who keep on talking bout %$#...yucks!!

2.whats really gonna make u fall for somone?
-hmm...i would say..what ek??well..the 1st date shows evrything..thats the time i.."learn" about himself...hmmm...i would say..
c)somone who really gonna melt my heart!

3.if u hv the opportunity to date with an artist...which artist u will date...?
-ADAM SEVANI!!!!! in love with him!!!!!he's cute,smart,good dancer!!!..and..his adoreable!!!!:D...

4.have u ever cheating on ur bf? not that kindda LOYAL ayte...

soooo..yeah...sometimes it might be sound like..silly ques..but hey....RESPECT yoo...'ve been doing quite number of reseach..regards to my studies...and about certain..county that i wanna are the list!!, france

2.milan, italy

3.puerto rico,carribien

4.spain, italy

5.venice, italy

:D..yesss...i love europe!!!!!..since i was young..its my dream..and i wish..i'll go there..oneday!..

hmmmm...i think...i really need to sleep...i need to wake up early tomorrow!!!!hmmm...

thanks evryone to drop by at my blog..and keep it on track ayte!!!!

xoxo nilalota


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

married??eeeee.....what a FISH???

haha..i know..evryone will be like...what the hell is wrong with me!!!, i've seen a lot of..couple , family...and it makes me I wanna GET married???hahahahhaha..i know it might sound a bit THIS moment..jajajjajajjajjajaa...i dont wanna think bout it la...gler pe!!! young man!!!!i wanna enjoy mylife...!!!!hihi..

ok..well today..i visited my..babysitter..she take a good care of me..since i was...11month..because both my perents are's the one who's been taking care of me...soo..all of her kids have married..and..she got...3 grandson..and..1 grandaughter.....hihi..nice huh??

nothing much actually today..just filling up some forms....then do some research...

a bit boring today..but..i think..i end up to dance the wholeday!!!yeeaahh baby!!it seems like im quite lazy to go to gym..soo..i think..when we dance..its a part of exercise anyway~~!!hihi..still u'll get sweat!and u've using evry part of your body....actually i get this idea to make some moves..because..i was listen to my music..then a song called.."dont cha"..soo..i was like.."hey , its a nice song thoe to dance!!"soo..yeah..just make steps..anyhting that i feel like doing..and this songa ctually remind that i hv crush before...hahahahhhhha..guys..will always be guys..when the girl really "like" him....they will never appriciate..bcuz of what??bcuz she's NOT..


guys..will defnately REJECT these girls...and guess what??when the girls..turn to be a "new" person.....they will be like.." are u?are u free tomorrow?may be we can hv acup of tea..or may be watch movie..nice outfits...blablabla...."

eewwww...i really hate this kindda guy..FCUK..u i listen this song..its quite funny..u know..when u think back bout ur past...hahahhahhhaha...watevaa~~~ dont get to chat with mr.koala... :,(...
saddd laaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhh!!!!may be he went already to his vacation..or..idk..
hmm..nvm..hope evrythings is ok...ok la..tonite i wanna sleep a bit medical check up tomorrow...

thaks to evryone who read this..i know..its a not what i said..its my heart who write..all of these entry...soo..goodnight evryone!!!

xoxo nolalita...(",)

Monday, May 5, 2008

im in love with ironman..haha..exceptable or BLAHH~~

wwwwwaaaalllllllaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ola my parents are home..i cant get up late,need to tidy my room hile fara will messy up this room...its her part time job anyway... *sigh* mom wakes me 6.30..for me to pray..then..i slept a lazy girl anyway...bout..8.30 i woke up for the real one...bcuz my mom's need some do breakfast..but..guess what??i slept back!!! fara's the one who help mama at the kitchen...seriously..i was sooo tired and..a bit sleepy..cuz last night i slept at..5 eyes really cant open...after 2 moms get angry cuz evryone was down stairs but me??still on the bed!! she really pissed off and scream like a tarzan...."adikkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!wake up!!!!!!!your not a princess ok!!go and take ur shower!!i give u 10 mins for u to down!!!!!".so the tarzan sound really wake me up and automatically straight go to the toilet and maannndddiiii!!!!(shower)...

but seriously..i really felt like a princess..(sometimes..bcuz i owez be the cindarella anyway..while fara is the step sista..:D)..i went down stairs..the breakfast is drinks is fels soo ggoodd!!hahahaha... dad decide to make a,we cooked togather..which is its my family tradition..saturday and sunday is a family day..which my dad never go out with bis mom will stay and fara??sometimes..we went out some space for my perents!!!! was really dying to watch.."IRONMAN"..while my dad wanna watch "congkak"..its a malay wanna watch "40 hari pocng bangkit" hich is a horor movie from..indonesia..i love horor movie! mom???she dont long as all of us went out together....

soooo..we went my fav place..:P..the curve..and watch ironman..fara was really excited..and thank god!once we reach there..the movie was filling,we did make it through..:P..we took couple seats!!which is..romantic for both my perents..but not for me and fara....*sigh*...we keep on quarell bout drinks,popcorn..and the space for the seats..haaaaiiiizzzzzz.....sooo hard mann!!!!while my perents keeps on cuddle each A bit JELOUSE...hahaha..positively OK...haaaa..ok..ok..fara,mama,papa really enjoyed watching it..and sometimes they were quite annoying..cuz keep on talkinga s if they are the director...HAIYYOO...but overall...its a cool story..and i start to like IRONMAN..!!hihi..but still..MR.kOaLa owezzzz in my heart!:)...

before i wanna go usual..its hard for me to pick what to wear...but..then..i decided to wore something that i bought last week..simple but gorgous!!haha...

then....i bought some shirt..its quite nice..fara did fit in it..but not me.. :,( ...its sad!!!im in love with it..but..i'll take it to the tailor and fix it wont look big,bulky on me...i love to hv a fit shirt..not to big,not to small..just nice..:)...

once im home...of coz..the first thing i do is...ONLINE!!!!,facebook,fs,hi5..u name it la..evrything i hv..hihi..but nothing much on my msn, usual..gonna buzz mr.koala...we talked a bit..but then..he asked me to chat with his friends hv a short conversation..ahhahaha..and it was really fun!!and his friend..add me up..which..make him..jelouse i think..hmmm....good to be jelouse!!!i love it!!..hhaha..:)..dont worry mr.koala..!!!

well...since evryone is asking 1001 ques...which im tired to answer la....

1.hv i ever had any crush?
-yes..bcuz of him,i hv the strengh to build up my personality..and explore i am.TQ so much..:)..and for god sake!i wont dated him anyway..! i in love now? u read my blog...what do u think???..

3.are u single? single but it?

4.who is really important to u right now?
-of coz my family,frenz and mr.koala......=.='

5.what do i think about myself?

6.3 words best describe urself....

7.people said..ur cute..what do u think?
-what i think??tq for it..but dont ever let this cute face fools u..!!

8.air , fire , soil..which one best describe u?
-i will play with the fire..cuz u might get burn and burst!!!better be extra careful~~

9.who is ur idol?or..rolemodel...and y?
-it will be my mom of coz..even she's getting older..she really make herself look gorgeous mom is really a smart mama!u cant even lie to her..a big NO!NO!..
my rolemodel..will be..cassie!i love her becuz..she's so pretty..and..i wanna be like her..i mean..not by singing or watever..i love the way she lead herlife..and..the way whe cares bout her body!!:)

10.whats song are u listening to rite now?
-dance with me by novell vaugue..(might be spell wrongly!)

11.whats your hobby?
-hmmm..i love to make my feet moving...and..sleep...its my fav...things that i'll do when i've got nothing to do...

12. 3 things u will bring anywhere,evrywhere......
-my ipod
-my psp
-my hmm..wat ek?..let me think...bangles...there will be something at my wrist..:)..

14.who do u love the most?
-myself..of to love yourself before u love somone else..:)

15.who is mr.KoaLa..?????
-someone who important to me..someone who i wanna be with..someone i LIIKKEEE to be with..someone who helped me a lot..someone i syg..someone i heart..

OK????satisfied??now..i've answerd asking me something which really......ur dad also cant even answered..aight??tq..

thats all for today....:)..tq to evryone who read and keep on track reading my blog...!!!!!!


xoxo nolalita....(",)