Sunday, April 26, 2009


hihi..i know u love caremal POPCORN...wee~
i knnow you are reading it anyway...

i saw your status...i am so sorry..

its not PERFECT thinggy that i need..but some space...

i am a heartbroken i need some space,some air for me to breath and settle everything down..

u are a greaat guy,sweet..and a brilliant student!as madam robiatun LIKE u a LOT!..;)..
im sorry if u felt like im treating u badly..or etc..thousand of apologize..i really didnt mean to...
but i want u to know that im so lucky to hv u as my friend in mylife! what i heard romours saying that u are blablabla~..well..its all because of JELOUSY!:D..dont worry...i know who u are...;)..

owh..and thank u for accompany me during the ENCORE!!!even we dont really talk as i was soo amazed with CAPRICE...and u know it urself i am sooo crazy over him!HAHA!sorry yeaa..for all the crazy nonesense that i did!GAHA!:P

last but not sorry if u feel offended with not ready for anything at this moment...sorry..

but..i am so grateful to have a great friend like you!!!;D

Friday, April 24, 2009

at last

finally...all the assignment dah pass up dgn bangga nye ptg now..i am getting my rest...sgt lah bahagia hidup apabila assignment sudah siap..

well..tomorrow is the promnite!!yeay!but im not going......:D..
to YOU..i know ur reading it...sorry for disputing i had something2 that makes me not wanted to go..soryyy...theres a lot of other girl who wanna go with go ahead..

this month is full of activities and event...haih..mlm ni promnite di CYBER..soorryyy my deaarrrr fren..i cant join u there...and tomorrow is...promnite in not going either..masing2 sume ade no PROM..:D..and at the same nite..tomorrow nite also there is a ceremony..humm..MMU award which is held in my dear friend!WONG!!!congratsss!!heeee.....and the nextday..which is sunday..theres an mmu music society..ENCORE!!yeaayy!!..theres some artist coming..flop ppoppy,CAPRICE!!i amm sooo going!YEHAW!hehehe...theres a lot of things going for this month..wwwee!

owh...lastweek was my very 1st time..going back to my campus by was SUCKS..with all those people who doesnt know to read their ticket..duduk tempat org...eeee...with all the snoring..adoi..with those people who doesnt know to respect others...cakap as if org on the phn tu pekak mcm dia jugak..dah la xgeti duk diam..kejap2 men tendang2 kerusi org..lempang kang baru tau..then nk turun if tempat tu nk lari..smpai bus pun goyang2...xde manners langsung..aarrgghh!..then jalan tgk2 org..bukan nk pandang depan...seliper org pun ko pijak terbaik la smpai koyak..FUHK je kot...dah la nk beli seliper susah..seliper fav lak tu..haih...nk kasik duit minyak xdde duit..nk kasik duit tol xde duit..bagus..beli kereta baru ade lak duit..tanggungjawab xnk pulak laksanakn..bagusla..terbaik sangat2..anda yg bace, kalau xsuke SILA JANGAN BACA...awal2 sudah saya kate..xtau la kalau xpegi sekolah...ngumpat org pandai xkn bace xgeti kan..haa...

final is coming..6 paper..WTTHH???>.<
wishes all MMU student goodluck!!amin..

humm..what else eh...

then cuti!

life is getting superb!yeay!...alhamdulillah..:)..

alryte..theres a lot thiings that i need to catch up...i'll update it later!:).. cuppycake..goodluck with your muet paper tomorrow...wish u all the best..ur english is superb..u can do it very well..insyaallah..amin!:)..i never hate u..keep that in your head.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

busy busy busy

dear friends,

i'll update i am so busy with real life,real people,real world..

i miss u all my sister..fara,ecah,naddy,joyah...whohooo...:)..i sayang kamu sekalian...:)...

to all my friends thanks for everything people!!!

to u cuppycake...thanks for everything either..wish u all the best...may success always be with moving on...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

mr.cuppycake (",)

dear cuppycake,

glad that ur doing great...get your rest...and try not to take cafffein ever againn..!
hope your doing fine and great over there....

glad to hear your voice..:)

imysm..take care cuppycake..

Sunday, April 12, 2009






Friday, April 10, 2009

why cant u go away?

dear mr.moon aka KOALA..

im glad that u dont forget me..thank u for that..

its not that im not over it or blablabla..
i am..


why are u keep on coming?
ive seen u a thousand time..
even its not you..but ITS you that i see...
and its hard for me..

im trying to handle it..
and i saw HIM just now..

watever it is..

take care always..

me manques vous manque autant de...merci pour tout.. je la coutume vous oublie.. que ma promesse..:)..

Thursday, April 9, 2009


im not trying to point to YOU..its just i dont get it..why are u being so selfish?

mama have been paying everything..
everytime i went back home..she always take us out..dinner..

tak kira ke?

we are ur kids papa..we should be your priority...

i dont give a damn bout ur many MONTH u dont bring us out?..have u ever count that?how many time u brought us out?sekali?..tu pun nk bsing?

ur card is out of my bussiness..bukan nye papa belanja kami pun..ur money abis kat tmpt lain and i dont give a shit bout that..

u can ask others...ur friend kids perhaps..ask them..the total amount that u gave us is it enough fot them?..ask them...

mmg adik kurang kasih syg seorg bapa..
u totally forget bout adik..
and yes..i am totally dissoopintedd with you..

mmg adik jelous tgk org lain ade bapak..jln dgn bapak dorg..
adik?? lain sume ade ayah
i do have fren who is broken family just like me..
but still..thier dad never forget bout them..
and yes..even thier parents saperated but still..thier parents being fair to their kids...
i am sad because we were close to each other...
and u know that rite..?
dont u ever think bout me papa?

how many month we dont meet?..hv u ever think bout that?have u ever think bout ur daughter??HAVE U?..

i miss my dad so much..
i can bet u even forget my birthday kan...
entah2 my full name u cant even remember..


org sebelah sana mesti bace kan kan kann?..silakan sampai dekat sane..sebar2 kan..saya mmg mengalu-alu kan...anda hendak menganjingkn pun silakan...
bumi ni bulat..tak sampai sebulan pun dpt la balik...

engkau nak caci ke nak ape suke hati..this is MY BLOG and ive even written THERE..ITS ABOUT MYLIFE..engkau itu golongan org yg tak tau ape itu kasih sayang,ape itu keluarga,dan mereka yg tidak tahu menilai erti keluarga..

jikalau anda pernah hilang seseorg yg anda sayang..
u will know how does it feel..

mmg suatu ketika dulu adik seronok..
ade mama,ada papa..ada kakak..ape2 semua sama2...every month papa bwk travel sini sane..
saturday or friday nite dinner ramai2..
saturday papa kejut kul 6.30 solat subuh then siap2 g jogging..
malam2 kite g tgk wayang midnite movie..
xpun lepak kat bilik papa..
adik dgn kakak terjun atas katil papa dgn mama..
nnti kul 12-1 am..adik comlpain lapar..
papa mesti masak meggi gorg xpun nasik grg kaler hijau which is my fav..
pastu tdo..kadang adik dgn kakak ngade2 tdo bilik papa..haha!:P
kadang2 papa bwk g picnic..papa bakar ayam,adik tukang abiskn!
mama buat sandwhich!
kalau angkat2 brg,papa mesti xkasik adik bwk berat2..adik duk diam2..jage brg..hee:P..
teringt time adik baru masuk sekolah..darjah satu..
papa amek cuti 1 week..just for the sake nak jage adik kat sekolah..
teman adik mkn during recess..
pastu balik nnti bwk g mkn kat kedai mamak..
nnti mlm b4 tdo mesti papa check sume homework adik..:D
pastu time kakak ade tournement taekwando..
papa pun ikut sekali g sane gi kakak..

time mama keje dulu..papa bwk adik dgn kakak jalan2 sementara nak tunggu mama abis kerja..
kite pergi mines wonderland..time tu seronok..sume lengkap..xde masalah pun..papa bwk adik dgn kakak g main mechine slot kat situ..pastu ade insiden yg sgt kelakar..hahahhah!..pastu mama abis jer keje mama pulak bwk g dinner kat bwh office mama..mkn top hat..which is our fav..sume pun suke mende tu...mama ajar makan bende tu!sedap!.

and during you were in oversea..papa mesti call ckp dgn adik dgn kakak..pastu papa hantar birthday card..postcard la..mcm2!..2 week before u went back..papa mesti tanye kakak nk ape..adik papa xtanye sbb papa tau adik suke main ape..papa belikan adik kakak papa belikn dia gameboy la pistol air la ape la..boyish nye game..but mine semua nyee girlish..haha!..

and adik still remember..during SPM..dpt result..mlm tu trus gi dinner..then ikut papa travel here and there!seronok sgt2!..cuz u know..i love to travel here and there..and its been quite number of time..papa rajin bawak adik ikut papa g sane sini bila papa kne buat lawatan..:)...everytime g sini sane ade je adik buat hal..pintu terkunci la..padahal dinner dah nk start in about 5 mins pulak tu..hahaah!..kasut sebelah tinggal kat kl la..tertuka beg la time kat airport..HAHAHA!..apela..swimming suit tertinggal la..pastu papa bwk g the nearest supermarket just for the sake of nk belikan swimming suit adik..hahahha!..

i am close with papa..but...that was before..back 17 years before...
now everything has changed..

..pada papa bende tu semua dah xde makne..u even said it..and its still fresh in my mind pa..

adik sangat terase..
hilang papa..
hilang perhatian drpd papa..
hilang kasih sayang papa...

u will feel LOST,EMPTYNESS...especially when u lose someone which really important in your life..i bet in everyone life..

to my dear helmi

dear helmi,
things happen for reason..

org yg PERASAN DIRI dia tu TERSANGATLAH cantik,knonnye semua org nak kenal...
tu laa yg sebaliknye..

tak salah sebenarnye nk kenal kn?
kate secampus..
aa..that girl is just wasting of ur time.!

bila vedio dah diupload,baru nk rase malu..
knp nk malu?
sbb dia tau yg dia buat tu biadap nama nya..~

smpai pihak atasan pun tau..
thank god nothing happen..
nak naik mahkamah just bcuz of that stupid video?
hello helo kopi ke milo..
salah sape skrg?

haih..entah la..

kadang manusia ni rase diri dia yg terbaik..
padahal celah bedah pun xde mane hebat nye..

elmi..ur friends are always with u..
take this as ur guide..never ever do it again k..
xpuas hati mcm mane pun buat bodoh je..

kpd ANDA yg bajet HOT STUFF ..
xbaik memalukan org lain depan org ramai..malah bercerita yg bukan2..
jgn pakai tudung tp perangai tidak setinggi mane pun..
malukn org pandai..mintak maaf pandaai tak?
malu jika diri dimalukan tp tak pikir sebaliknya?
jikalau org memalukan anda ape anda rase agak2?
bukan sahaja memalukan org lain malah bercerita yg bukan2..
biadap namenye..

to jeju..thank u for the information..:)...

jdkn benda yg dah lepas itu sebagai panduan sepanjang PERJALANAN hidup!:)

kami tetap ada dgn awak tau elmi.;).
thank u for being there whenever i need advise or im in big TROUBLE!

take care everyone!!:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

owh my god

hell NO!

Monday, April 6, 2009

lets dance!

aha~..i was searching for something else..but end up with something else...HAHA..
well..i love dancing A LOT!..
i wish i could have the opportunity to go to dance class...may be 1 day!;)

even if onday i have my own FAMILY(wth am i talking??)..watever la..i will send them for some dance class!!.. are some video...go and check it out!...i think 10-11 years old kids..dancing superbly!!!!

and this GIRLS! im sooo amazed the way they dance..even its a short video..but u can see the steps that they made is sooo WOWOWOOWOWWW!!~

whohoo~girls are POWER OK!:P

jual jual jual!

this week..i think..for the rest of this week..( the whole month i should say)..all the foundation student is busy selling thier thingS!!
goodluck people!

well..that is including me as selling..
and some DRINKS(alif punye keje..:P)

and today..we manage to sell of..50 pieces of cupcake!!yeeaayyyy!!..its soo worth it to go from 18th floor till the 1 st floor..well..i just hate to knock2 on people's door and be like.."helo goodevening..assalamualaikum!we're selling cupcake..u wanna try?.."
its just not me..haha!but who cares?? doing it for my project which equal to MARKS baby!..

markah itu penting yer kawan-kawan..:D..

so..yea!!im so happy and glad that me and my friends manage to sell it of..50 pieces for less than 2 hour..all the sweats(eww),and we went up to 18th floor by our own feet...haa..TERBAIK DARI LADANG!haha! usual..there will be sumone who are not satisfied for sure with us..

miss a: hey,how is your sales so far?
miss b: so far its doing just great!..and yours?
miss a: mine is doing great either...
miss b: wow!thats great!!
miss a: i think la kn,ur cupcake is quite hard to be sell of..because its too colorful..
miss b: owh?really?..well..i have no idea about that..

pffttt....helo helo kopi ke milo...=.=''..the color is the one who play its role people...come on?..when its colorful,its attract people to eat and buy...u will always be PSYCO..haih..

but whatever it is..we really feel honoured when people bought our cupcake!!...sorry coz for todays cupcake,is SOLD OUT..dont worry!we will selling it again tomorrow!!;)

well,im running out of time..its play time!!!HAHA!..take care everyone~~