Saturday, July 26, 2008

life getting critical..

When past sometimes takes you with soft hands,
forcelessly pulls you to your chair,
Hides you away from these half days,
sunless at the end of the year,
The air is like a knife cutting through you.
A room in the house is always warm.
Stretched out on the bathroom floor,
of fair days your future may hold.
Love comes like surprise ice on the water,
love comes like surprise ice at dawn.
Deprived of the light and of colors,
the world ends at your window tree.
Darkness creates these illusions,
but pale days can teach you to see.
Rain falls,
but no life is given,
weeks pass,
no progress is made.
Past sometimes takes you with soft hands,
and all that surrounds you will fade.
Love comes like surprise ice on the water,
love comes like surprise ice at dawn..

i am a critical moment rite now..
watever it is..pray for my happiness..

Monday, July 14, 2008

WHY?? mylife right now..are really getting from bad to worst...for god sake..huhh..



some people are...hasty?

why they keep on pushing u?..

i just dont understand..some u know..if there's sumone who u had crush in rlationship..but u still wanna try ur luck...why dont u just make a move...

in my opinion...mmm..if u hv crush on sumone...and if that sumone dont really reply or act or balas balik...on ur reaction..then u should know the meaning...and why are they so clueless????xkn nk bgtau kat batang idung sndri..

well..i know..its hard to be rejected...but then..sumhow..u should know who to handle some situation...and to ALL rejectors out there..dont reject them 100% at that point of time jugk..its really hard even the pain i tell u its really...SOOOOOOO DAMN PAIN!..ssoo..try to find a way to reject someone secara tak langsung...


sering kali berbicara tentang bulan

teringt akan keletahnye,gelak tawanya,gerak jln nye...

aku sering kali bermimpi di siang hari



aku sering kali bercerita tentang bulan

tidak ade sesiape yg mmpu gantikn tmpt bulan

bulan sentiase ade tersemat kat hati ni..

hati pun pandai..

hati dah kunci diri die..kuat-kuat..

tak de matahari ataupun bintang..

tidak ade ape2 yg dpt gantikn tmpt bulan..

diri sayang bulan yg amat..

tiap mlm diri cari bulan..

minggu sudah,bulan xde 1 minggu..

diri tunggu bulan sampai die muncul..dgn penuuhh sabar!

tiba2,MSN diri berbunyi dah ternmpk

"MR.KOALA online"..

hati girang,jiwa trus tenang,mulut?lgsung xbibaca tapi berbunyi plak

satu suara yg bunyi "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"

diri borak dgn bulan..tapi xlama..

dan hati sgt bersyukur kat tuhan sbb

die berjaya graduate!tahniah bulan..

diri pun xtau kenape bulan yg die pilih..bukan bintang mahupun matahari..

ape yg dri tahu,matahari jahat..

matahari dah ranapkn hidup diri.

tapi kata org yg dah lps biarkn die..

jgn sesekali pndg belakang apabila kita dah buat keputusan..

walau keputusan yg kita buat tu salah..

tapi,kita boleh btulkn die...

ape2pun..ia tetap terpulang kpd diri sendiri...


and i admit myself..i am in love..and i think evryone does..its just that..masa yang menentukan..:)..and im really glad to hv koala in mylife...thanks koala for gimme the strength for who i am today..

and..septmber is coming...!!!!alahmdulillah..aMINN!!!..and i really hope..all my dream will come true..and as u read my last post u probably understand what i ma saying right now...

well..i hope taht evryone will achieve and manage to get wat u want in hard for it..evry problem have the solutiuon...:)

take care evryone!!asta luego!!:D

Saturday, July 5, 2008

wats going on with life...??? home at this back to my "home"..tomorrow..hmmm..i dont know many miracle things happen in mylife...and its really sucks!!!!!!!!!...

now..its parents need to be a DA in aussie...haaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!i dont wanna go..but my sis she's really getting super xcited...

i of my "BIGBRO.."..and this is wat he told me to honest to myself..and..write all of it..the reason why..i dont wanna go..soo..heres it goes..

why i dont wanna follow....

as u read my older post..i keep on talking bout my koala..some might know waht is it all about..if u wanna noe more..just go thru evrythin then u'll know..hmmm..1st..its bcuz of my koala..i've asked try as hard as he get a place over here..and continue koala studies here.....and koala did it..and koala managed to get it..and..he was really struggle to get this place...i asked him to u be will u feel??he'l come here..and i move...isnt it BIADAP namenye?...2ndly..i just about to start a new life..yes..u guys might same goes with aussie..nothing is me..YES..its a MATTER..i wanna hv a newlife with mr.koala...he was the one who..really give me the strength to be though..and he was with me...during my SUSAH time...and his the one who really make me forget all my past and gain my confident towards deal with all people around me...besides my fren..and rite in i got NEW frenz..evrythings new..even..I AM NEW..he convince me..and give me the power to be a better person and make me..more mature..and i really thank to god..cuz gimme the be waht i should be...i dont want to put big hope towards himself..and even..i really fall for him..and..i wanna start my newlife with him..not sumone is sumthin to do with LOVE thing..but..

im a normal human..just like all of u out there..and i wanna prove to my parents that..i can stand at my own be independent...and i want them to know then..i am matured now..and i can think..which is bad and which is good..i dont need thier trust cuz i know they wont..all i need right just a lil faith..for me..and some space for me to breath..and please..let me chose waht i want in mylife...not just by considering waht they want..i know..mama n papa wants the best for me..but..i hv the best for me me to the right path..lead me to the right way..not by ASKING me to do waht u like...i know..this kindda things i shudnt be posting..but its the truth..i write come from the bottom of my heart..

if u think..u've been falling in love..i bet that u will know how i felt right now..if i can..i really wnna turn back the wat i supposed to do...yess..i really regret with what i've done before..and i think..god have punished me...thank u god...

well..i've watched kung fu panda right now..and i learn sumthin from the movie..even thoe its kindda FUNNY..
but..theres sumthin i learn from it.. if u want sumthing to happen..u belive with ur dream..believe in yourself..thats the most important....

now..koala is away for..1week..his having some vacation..happy holiday..and hope evrythongs will doing manque mmmooooiii!!!!

watever it is..i need help let my dream squissy..plz..understand my situation right now..and i i feel right nowkn..

so..thanx to evryone who drop by at my blog..take care evryone..

Thursday, July 3, 2008 usual..

well..classes..were accounting class...its SUCKS!aaaa....its seems like she's teaching the wall..and expecting her student understand wat she said...hallo??cant u asked ur student????and hell yeah..u did asked..but then when ur student asking u sumthing..u will start nag...adoii...then how will u think the student will react????...haaa!!tekanan yg amat sgt... class..human being ok...just that this subject need u to read've got no pb...its just that..the pb rite now is....can i say that... im LOST??..still in HONEYMOON???!! ...

so..wat am i gonna do now is............WAKE UP!!hadooii..truk btul..well seems like i finished my high school..last year dec..and i dont really do anything within that im a bit like lost..but its ok..i'l try not to have that kindda attitude...

hhmmmm..and rite now..i got confused..with myself...hati syg koala...tapi otak jahat..suh suke org len..tapi..hati ni lg kuat..jd die tetap dgn koala..:)...

hhmm..k la..xtau la ape nk jd dgn idup nieeee...hhaaa...its getting complicated day by day...~~!!

well..wish u all the best evryone...