Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mari kita ckp malayu..:)

ok..as been demand most of u out there..im gonna write it in malay..which is my own language..and..im proud to be malaysian...(kononnyer laaa~~)..

hari ini..saya nk berkate2..tentang cinte..atau saye mungkin..akan berpuisi atau..berpantun atau..ape2 yg terlintas di kepale otak ni...saye menulis ini secare sepontan..dan tidak mencuri mane2 atau sape2 punye...

arini saye tertarik utk menulis tentang..cinta..

apakah cinta?
mengapa die mencari mangsa?
sedangkn si makhluk ini...belum lagy bersedia..
dgn kelengkapan utk menyahut cabaran cinta ini...
knape kite perlu bercinta?
sedgkn manusia yg bingai ni tau
cinta itu adalah satu penyiksaan malah meranap kite...

haaa...lantak la..hmmm..ari isnin aritu saye dgn family pergi berkelah..dan sesuatu inseden yg sgt kelakar,...dan agak menunjukkan kebodohan doiri si tolol nie....kaki nye luke akibat tersepak batu yg besar 2x ganda peha nya...dan ini telah menyebabkan kaki si tolol nie luke dan bengkak mcm baru lepas kne laggar lori..bangang bukan?..dan telah menyebbkn si ibu resah di tepi sungai yg jernih xjernih..bukn seng nk cari sungai yg bersih tanpa ape2 pencemaran...manusia yg tggl kat malaysia ni kebanyakkan kan nye tidak bertanggungjawab..otak xde..buang sampah trus..pppaaaaapp masuk dlm sungai...dah la tu..cuci pinggang,cuci segale2 nye kat dlm air sungai tu..sedangkn nak jd negare yg majulah kononyer..haaddeeehh...negare mmg membangun tapi penduduk malaysia masih lagy berpikiran kolot,kalut,kuno,xprihatin....okok..cukup bercerite pasal tu..kembali kepade crite budak si tolol...

sesampai shj die di tepi sungai dimane khemah nye sudah didrikn..trus menolg ibu dlm keadaan sakit..haha..kesian btul kat si tolol tuh..ayahanda??sebuk membakar ayam dan mkn nasik lemak..kakakxkanda??sebok mengeluarkn api drpd arang..phm ke??baynagkn jer la..nnti faham la tu..:P..

sedang sebok mereke bergembira,tibe si tolol jd kamereman jap...amek gambo sume...tetibe.....dddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm....hujan pun turun...

"hujan rintik-rintik,
laut bergelora,
sayang mak sayang bapak
sayang semua nya..."

itulah lagu yg sering si tolol nyanyi..

apelagy...cpat2 kemas..pack sume skali..then..kemas...mlm tu sume jatuh pengsan...

kalo nk ikutkn..mmg klako situasi tu..tapi..biar la...hanye diri si tolol itu aje yg tau.....sbb musabab die jatuh..

k la..nk tdo..nagntok..

slamat mlm..


Thursday, May 15, 2008

the journey..is about to begin...

olaaa!!~~~..im really sorry cuz stop writing it for a while!!..i've bee quite bz!!....


something thats really..upset me..my uncle..have passed away..on..11 of mei..which is mothers day...

he died because of..his athma......al-fatihah...


well..i made a suprised for my mom..!we celebrate it at one of her fav restaurant..and..she was so happy..:)..im happy when my mom smile and when she's happy.....mama!!ur the best!u rock!u are a HOT mama!hihi..i love u mama!!..even sometimes..we had a biggg arguement but..hey, she's still my mama and im still her baby!hiihihi..

and i think..i've been driving her nuts!since i was young,till now!!goshh!!!soory mama!!hehe...but stil..ur a thought mom..and very warmhearted mama!no one can take ur place in my heart!ur a special..in my heart..no one can take ur place...even sometimes i always 'degil'...hehe..but i do love u...mmuuahh!!love u mama..

and..one more thing..that really silly i think...hmm..i went to take my driving licence.....and..it was like..my...2nd time i think...i failed it!!!daaammmnn it laa!!even the 3rd time...

bodo kan??tersgt laaaa xtau nk kate la...hadooii..mcm nk terjun bangunn pun yer jugk...so..i need to re-seat..and study back..i need to get my licence before i continue my study!!

haaa!!!!!...tension ooowwhhh...

hmmm...during mothers day..idk why..my dad seems so clueless..he dont know waht to do...i mean..is guy always clueless?or they lost??.....aaaaa...sometimes its really sad u know..when someone u love...u wanna be with..they dont really care bout their partner..may be to u its nothing..but..as a lady,they were xpecting something...it doesnt mean it has to be
xpensive..what is the important thing..is...its from ur heart..ur sincerity...its a bery very important!!which really gonna make ur love one melt!!haha....

hhuuhh....im going to 'start' my journey on..the 8th of june....hmm...cant wait!!:D..i have to be....responsible for myself...and i have to be independent....haha...cant waiitt!!!!!!hmm...msot of my friends..got the UPU..which is..goverment's university..they'll support evrything...good for u guys!!!!and congrats!!!!:)...to my beloved BFF......i really wish u'll get the same as me...!!!!aammiinn!!!..and to mr.alan...haaaa...kesian u...need to do ur lower 6..even ur result is waaaaayyyyyyy excellent then mine!but hey....i know u can do it!!!!!!ciaoooooo!!!hihihii....

and now..irs about....4month more to go....to semptember....:P...and 2month more to go for..july!!!aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!gggagagagaggagagagagagagagagagagagagaa!!!!

im waiting patiently..:).....

i miss all my friends.....:(

..efa,ezhar,alan,zura,farah,sarah,melissa,dian,ayu,intan,echa,marzita,nina,meerna,imran,neko chanz,christpher,hani........OMG!!!i miss u guy soo much..and its been a while we dont hangout...:(...

and of cuz...im missing my koala soo much..even sometimes we dont really talk...im ok with it...evryone hv their own responsible...and they hv their own things to be settledown...soo...im waiting of cuz...:)..

well...evryone who came to my blog and read it....thank u so much..im sorry for the late post!! :D..been quite busy...and plz...plz plzz....if u have time..plz drop any comment or any msg at my shoutout box!!appriciate it so much!!!!!
and i wanna wish evryone...gudluck in whatever ur doing..wish u all the best!!!may success will always be withvall of u!!!!!!

thanks again..for dropping at my blog!!!!

xoxo misz nolalita (",)

Friday, May 9, 2008


ola~~~hmmmm..im getting lazy..day by day.....*sigh*..
hmm..i had my medical check up today..nice!..

i got nothing actually to say...nothing thats interesting...
tomorrow is a big day for me!!!!


well...my life journey...will start..on 8th june....soooo...

goodluck to myself!!


k la..need to rest..so many things actually in my mind...*sigh*..
as ezhar said.."let it be"



(",) misz nolalita.....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

i love u!!!!:D

heylo melloww.....yess..i am sooo MELLOW tho....:D...well..today actually i should have my medical check up...but..my dad..forgot to make an appointment!... *sigh*..so..its been post phn tomorrow..and i need to wake up at..6.30 am..!!!hhhaaa~~~....

well..today i d0nt really eat! DIET!!!haha...
hmm..actually,some of my friends...asked me this question....

1.what are the most things that u will defnately reject someone..(guy)..
-the way the act and they way they talk..i hate guy who keep on talking bout %$#...yucks!!

2.whats really gonna make u fall for somone?
-hmm...i would say..what ek??well..the 1st date shows evrything..thats the time i.."learn" about himself...hmmm...i would say..
c)somone who really gonna melt my heart!

3.if u hv the opportunity to date with an artist...which artist u will date...?
-ADAM SEVANI!!!!!gosh..im in love with him!!!!!he's cute,smart,good dancer!!!..and..his adoreable!!!!:D...

4.have u ever cheating on ur bf?
-mmmm....im not that kindda gurl..sorry~~..im LOYAL ayte...

soooo..yeah...sometimes it might be sound like..silly ques..but hey....RESPECT yoo...

well..today...i've been doing quite number of reseach..regards to my studies...and about certain..county that i wanna go..:D..well..here are the list!!

1.paris, france

2.milan, italy

3.puerto rico,carribien

4.spain, italy

5.venice, italy

:D..yesss...i love europe!!!!!..since i was young..its my dream..and i wish..i'll go there..oneday!..

hmmmm...i think...i really need to sleep...i need to wake up early tomorrow!!!!hmmm...

thanks evryone to drop by at my blog..and keep it on track ayte!!!!

xoxo nilalota


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

married??eeeee.....what a FISH???

haha..i know..evryone will be like...what the hell is wrong with me!!!well..today, i've seen a lot of..couple , family...and it makes me like...do I wanna GET married???hahahahhaha..i know it might sound a bit crazy..but..at THIS moment..jajajjajajjajjajaa...i dont wanna think bout it la...gler pe!!!eeeee....im young man!!!!i wanna enjoy mylife...!!!!hihi..

ok..well today..i visited my..babysitter..she take a good care of me..since i was...11month..because both my perents are working...so..she's the one who's been taking care of me...soo..all of her kids have married..and..she got...3 grandson..and..1 grandaughter.....hihi..nice huh??

nothing much actually today..just filling up some forms....then do some research...

a bit boring today..but..i think..i end up to dance the wholeday!!!yeeaahh baby!!it seems like im quite lazy to go to gym..soo..i think..when we dance..its a part of exercise anyway~~!!hihi..still u'll get sweat!and u've using evry part of your body....actually i get this idea to make some moves..because..i was listen to my music..then a song called.."dont cha"..soo..i was like.."hey , its a nice song thoe to dance!!"soo..yeah..just make steps..anyhting that i feel like doing..and this songa ctually remind me...to...someone that i hv crush before...hahahahhhhha..guys..will always be guys..when the girl really "like" him....they will never appriciate..bcuz of what??bcuz she's NOT..


guys..will defnately REJECT these girls...and guess what??when the girls..turn to be a "new" person.....they will be like.."hey..hi..how are u?are u free tomorrow?may be we can hv acup of tea..or may be watch movie..nice outfits...blablabla...."

eewwww...i really hate this kindda guy..FCUK..u BIaRtCh...aarrrgghhh..soo..as i listen this song..its quite funny..u know..when u think back bout ur past...hahahhahhhaha...watevaa~~~

ok..hmmm....well..today..i dont get to chat with mr.koala... :,(...
saddd laaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhh!!!!may be he went already to his vacation..or..idk..
hmm..nvm..hope evrythings is ok...ok la..tonite i wanna sleep a bit early..got medical check up tomorrow...

thaks to evryone who read this..i know..its a bit..LMOU...but...it not what i said..its my heart who write..all of these entry...soo..goodnight evryone!!!

xoxo nolalita...(",)

Monday, May 5, 2008

im in love with ironman..haha..exceptable or BLAHH~~

wwwwwaaaalllllllaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ola evryone..hmm..as my parents are home..i cant get up late,need to tidy my room hile fara will messy up this room...its her part time job anyway... *sigh*..my mom wakes me up..at 6.30..for me to pray..then..i slept back...haha..im a lazy girl anyway...bout..8.30 i woke up for the real one...bcuz my mom's need some help...to do breakfast..but..guess what??i slept back!!!haha..so fara's the one who help mama at the kitchen...seriously..i was sooo tired and..a bit sleepy..cuz last night i slept at..5 am..maaannn....my eyes really cant open...after 2 hours..my moms get angry cuz evryone was down stairs but me??still on the bed!!hahahahaaa...so she really pissed off and scream like a tarzan...."adikkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!wake up!!!!!!!your not a princess ok!!go and take ur shower!!i give u 10 mins for u to down!!!!!".so the tarzan sound really wake me up and automatically straight go to the toilet and maannndddiiii!!!!(shower)...

but seriously..i really felt like a princess..(sometimes..bcuz i owez be the cindarella anyway..while fara is the step sista..:D)..i went down stairs..the breakfast is ready..my drinks is ready..it fels soo ggoodd!!hahahaha...

today..my dad decide to make a lunch..so,we cooked togather..which is its my family tradition..saturday and sunday is a family day..which my dad never go out with bis friends..my mom will stay home..me and fara??sometimes..we went out together...giving some space for my perents!!!!ahhahahaha....so...fara was really dying to watch.."IRONMAN"..while my dad wanna watch "congkak"..its a malay movie...me??i wanna watch "40 hari pocng bangkit" hich is a horor movie from..indonesia..i love horor movie!..my mom???she dont mind..as long as all of us went out together....

soooo..we went out..to my fav place..:P..the curve..and watch ironman..fara was really excited..and thank god!once we reach there..the movie was filling fast..so,we did make it through..:P..we took couple seats!!which is..romantic for both my perents..but not for me and fara....*sigh*...we keep on quarell bout drinks,popcorn..and the space for the seats..haaaaiiiizzzzzz.....sooo hard mann!!!!while my perents keeps on cuddle each other..which..im A bit JELOUSE...hahaha..positively OK...haaaa..ok..ok..fara,mama,papa really enjoyed watching it..and sometimes they were quite annoying..cuz keep on talkinga s if they are the director...HAIYYOO...but overall...its a cool story..and i start to like IRONMAN..!!hihi..but still..MR.kOaLa owezzzz in my heart!:)...

before i wanna go out..as usual..its hard for me to pick what to wear...but..then..i decided to wore something that i bought last week..simple but gorgous!!haha...

then....i bought some shirt..its quite nice..fara did fit in it..but not me.. :,( ...its sad!!!im in love with it..but..i'll take it to the tailor and fix it..so it wont look big,bulky on me...i love to hv a fit shirt..not to big,not to small..just nice..:)...

once im home...of coz..the first thing i do is...ONLINE!!!!evrything..ms,facebook,fs,hi5..u name it la..evrything i hv..hihi..but nothing much anyway..so..i on my msn,ym..and..as usual..gonna buzz mr.koala...we talked a bit..but then..he asked me to chat with his friends too..so..yeah..we hv a short conversation..ahhahaha..and it was really fun!!and his friend..add me up..which..make him..jelouse i think..hmmm....good to be jelouse!!!i love it!!..hhaha..:)..dont worry mr.koala..!!!

well...since evryone is asking 1001 ques...which im tired to answer la....

1.hv i ever had any crush?
-yes..bcuz of him,i hv the strengh to build up my personality..and explore myself..and...here i am.TQ so much..:)..and for god sake!i wont dated him anyway..!

2.am i in love now?
-emm..as u read my blog...what do u think???..

3.are u single?
-ok..look..im single but unavailabale...got it?

4.who is really important to u right now?
-of coz my family,frenz and mr.koala......=.='

5.what do i think about myself?

6.3 words best describe urself....

7.people said..ur cute..what do u think?
-what i think??tq for it..but dont ever let this cute face fools u..!!

8.air , fire , soil..which one best describe u?
-i think...it will be..fire..sooo..dont play with the fire..cuz u might get burn and burst!!!better be extra careful~~

9.who is ur idol?or..rolemodel...and y?
-it will be my mom of coz..even she's getting older..she really make herself look gorgeous and...my mom is really a smart mama!u cant even lie to her..a big NO!NO!..
my rolemodel..will be..cassie!i love her becuz..she's so pretty..and..i wanna be like her..i mean..not by singing or watever..i love the way she lead herlife..and..the way whe cares bout her body!!:)

10.whats song are u listening to rite now?
-dance with me by novell vaugue..(might be spell wrongly!)

11.whats your hobby?
-hmmm..i love to make my feet moving...and..sleep...its my fav...things that i'll do when i've got nothing to do...

12. 3 things u will bring anywhere,evrywhere......
-my ipod
-my psp
-my hmm..wat ek?..let me think...bangles...there will be something at my wrist..:)..

14.who do u love the most?
-myself..of course..mm..learn to love yourself before u love somone else..:)

15.who is mr.KoaLa..?????
-someone who important to me..someone who i wanna be with..someone i LIIKKEEE to be with..someone who helped me a lot..someone i syg..someone i heart..

OK????satisfied??now..i've answerd evrything..so.........stop asking me something which really......ur dad also cant even answered..aight??tq..

thats all for today....:)..tq to evryone who read and keep on track reading my blog...!!!!!!


xoxo nolalita....(",)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

at last...~~~^.^~~~

hello...bonjour...;P..today is really a BLUR day for the entire of mylife!!i dont know..what hv i done..the wholeday....kesian...!hahaha...ok..well..i got a kitten..its a MALE..(p/s:mr.koala,sorry cuz had told u the wrong gender of the kitten!!haha)..till now..he still hv no name..any suggestion??????just post a commnet aight?!
soo..i played with him but not most of the time..but fara did..she love cat so much....me?im ok..im a bit allergy with it...thats the reason..:)..soo..as always..i'll be busy make the clean up for the house while fara..i think..today she was being a 'chef' today!!!waalllaa~~!!haha..she's good at cooking!!!!!!me?im still OTW learning it... *winks*
both my parents were not home yesterday...and they were home today..having some..prade i think...my dad is an army officer..soo..yeah..once they home...as usual..muggin,nagging blablabla...u know how an old guy and old lady..who wanna maneoposttzzz.......sooooo...both of us just smile..and do what ever they asked us to do..:D..hahahahaha....
all..of..sudden..somethings..came up from my mom....she asked me......
mama: adik,skrg ni mcm mane...?adik minat ape?..mama xkesh swasta ke ape..as long as awk tau ape yg awk nak...
english:whts in your mind now?wht do u like?i dont mind either its a pvt or wht not..as long as u know waht u want...
adik(me) :adik minat mngmnt..mama pun tau how addicted i am with econs..
english:i like mngmnt..........
but...........suddenly..a voice..from somone...which a man voice..trying to condemn....and guess who is 'he'???its mi papa!!!!haaaahhhh!!!!!
papa:papa dah call kwn papa..die akn tlg..die kate ikut result awk cukup layak sgt utk smbung kat cne and amek cos bisnes..papa nk adik masuk jugk UiTM..kat situ bagus utk amek course bisness..pakai pun sopan jer..baju kurung..papa rase selese kalau adik masuk sane..UiTM bagus..
english:i've called my friends..and he said he will helped me for u...he said that your result is very good and u are qualified to continue your study at UiTM(its local Universities..)..and u just hv to wear baju kurung(our traditional cloth)..i feel better if u go there to continue your study..UiTM is a top universities.....
well..more or less..it kindda sad actually..thats is what he want..i dont wanna be a bisnesgurl...NO..WAY..or something to do with bisnes...eeeee...i wanna talk..but he dont gave me any space..which really make me a bit pissed off!!!!!!!!!haaaaa~~~but then,fara said something which really give a big impact towards papa..haha..he felt like..we are trying to argue...well actually yea..hihihi..so..it was like...3 against 1....then..my dad said...he felt like..if i go for the pvt collage..he feel shame..wanna know why????
ok..because..not all people can enter the goverment universities...only selected...and only people who dont have any choise..so the last solution is...to go to the pvt collage.....that is what in my dads mind..and he told me that..most of his friends kids were going to the local universities.........
guess how i felt that time???
clueless,blur,shocked,speechless and of coz realy upset.......
while my mom......was like....'hey,how could u think in that way??!'..while fara.."what a FISH???addoooiiii...."
so...what i did was...explain to him..one by one to clear up his mind!!......what i want..why i chose it..and i think..i've done a lot of reseach..based on what i want and with what i've been promoted and what my dad's want...
but thank god..mi mama..really understand me well..even sometimes we hv some arguement but..she knows me well...so..my mom did explain..again..to my dad..while fara was a bit boring..because its was like..fara was having some a big fight with my dad so she just make her bored face....hahaha......
but as usual..my dad..still..he cant except..what i want...and i think..they were having some fight..with my mama.....:(..its sad..realllllyyyy sad..and it became even more complicated....so my dad had make his decision..to hv a family dinner..but not dinner..hmm..we hv a supper..at one of his fav place..so..bout....10++pm..we went out..and evryone was so quite...me??i just keep my mouth shut..and listen to my music..better then listen to people arguments...annoying!!!!!fara??playing with his psp..and listen to her ipod...
once..we reach there...we sat down...place order...then..its still...evryone doing their own things..i dont talk or say even a words...fara bz msging..mama..pretending busy reading the menu..papa??..looking at me like i've done something wrong....which make me do my BLAH~~face...right after we hv our supper...i heard..a voice..saying....."eh,sabrina!!gurl its been a long time we dont meet..do u remember me?"so..i was like...who the hell is that.......im having a big prob now..and yet theres somenone who called me.....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
and wanna know who is it?its my friend..he..was my..schoolmate..during my primary school..its christopher..his chinese....and..we hv a short conversation....
c:hey,how are u?
m:im doing totally great(with a plastic smile..)
c:where hv u been?its been sometimes i dont see u..tried to call u but couldnt get thru..seriously..u look diffrent!!wow..
m:at this moment i dont really use phn..somethings transpired..so...hehe...(again..plastic laugh)
c:owh yea..meet my perents..this my blablabla.blabla...
m:hello untie,uncle...
c:hey,we're going back act..catch u later ok..do u hv any e-mail or sumthing?
m:sorry..i dont really on9...busy..(plastic smile..again..)
c:owh..mm..ok..hope to meet u again..
m:may be..
so.....my dad was like...."adik,who is that guy?"..i said.."my friends..we used to change notes and sometimes we hangout with my others friends..."then my dad was like..why didnt u introduce him to me?why this..why that..why..why..why..??!!just like a policeman..hhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
fara was like a bit mad..so she told my dad......"cant she have any boy friend??a friend which is boy?its normal ok...dont tell me u dont have any girl friend when u were young......"..its a bit rude act..but..haaaaa.....even she cant stand it nomore...so....he was like..FINE...
then..he asked me again..bout the study things..so..i told him..i've made my decision.and..like or not..he agreed with me.....at LAST....
u know..its difficult..to talk with my dad..whoever thier dad is an army..then u will understand....really hard to talk..to discuss with!!!*SIGH*
well..now..i've made my decision...and my parents had approve it..!hhahah..and really thank u to fara..she really help me a lot to solve this problem...tq kakak!!hihi...
and..thank u so much..to miss fynn,bro syahar,mr.koala(j'taime!!!),efa,ezhar,alan,sis zurin,mr.Virus..(even u make it as a jokes),FARA...melissa..tq so much..for helping me...to make the right choice......
well...while...im not in agood mood..i heard a song..which really turn me..ON!..:D..its a song from madonna..incredible....and this song really makes my feet to sing!!!!hahahahahhhhaa...hmm..
well..today..i dont really talked to mr.koala..as he got lots of things i think need to be settle....just want u to know that...i miss u a lot!!!!:)..me manque bbeeeeaaauuccoouupppp mr.koala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank u god..for helping me!!:)..
well..thats all for today....i hope..really hope..my dad will never ever being send to be a DA..amin..!!!!!!!!!..pray for me..please..and pray for my happiness too..
tq to evryone who read my blog...:)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

apekah??entah la~~(whats all about?what evverrr..~~)

today..is a bad day...may be good day for u guys out there...hmmm..well..the wholeday today..im doing nothing..just clean up my super extra messy room...then..thought of doing my laundry but..the water runs....very slow...which gonna take time...!!!

then...hmm..just repair my fs and ms acc..and..chat a bit with my friends.....
well..actually,last night...most of my friends were keep on asking me..whether did i get thru the UPU..(local universities)..but i said..i dont..haha..cause i've checked once before but it says that...'sorry, your name is not in our system'...hahahaaha..soo..i was quite happy actually..because since i was..16++..im really interested with MMU..so..today,while i was chatting with my friends..one of them..i think.. ALAN..asked me..to checked again..because yesterday was the real result for all..local universities which belongs to goverment..where by u dont have to pay..even a single cent!!well,evryone was dying to get it..but not me...

im not saying that our local Universities is not good or etc..its just that..i think...i like the way MMU university works...even though its a private university,but i think..its worth to study..but its actually all depends on yourself..:)...sooooo...i went to the website...www.mohe.com.my..and checked...i was hoping that..i wont get!!but...it says that....
'tahniah!anda telah terpilih untuk melanjutkan pelajaran anda di UIAM..dalam jurusan ASASI SAINS KEMANUSIAAN'
english:congrats!u hv been chosen to continue your study at UIAM majoring in human science

so...guess how i felt that time?????...
-im going to hell....

so..i told my friends that i get thru..and i've been promoted...most of them abit..jelouse positively anyway..;P..even they're the straight A's scores..they didnt get thru..may be its my luck..MAY BE~~but..seriously,i dont really know whts its all about..so i amke some reseach..and thank god!one of my..consider friendz..MISS FYNN..she's a lecturer at that U..so..she explain to me..evry single thing..whts exectly its all about..thanks MIss Fynn!..and..i've asked her opinion..so..she told me that..
"do waht u think u like..people can only advise u..
but..u,urself have to make your own decision..
think..whats the best for yourself..not for others"

so..right after that...i asked..Mr.Koala's opinion..and..he told me the same things..
"do what u like..and whats the best for u..ok..?
i know u can do it!"

2 person said..the same thing...then..i asked..my bestfriend...ALAN...and he told me that
'if u think your not interested with it,better MOVE ON..make the right decision for yourself..its ypurlife..not thier life..so think the best for yourself..."

sooo...now..3person said the same things...hmm..well,as u read this through..i love to asked bout others opinion..then im gonna make a conclusion..which based on what others said and what i think...

i still dont really have the confident yet..and..i asked one of my BIG BRO..:D..and...wht he told me is....
"sometimes,our perents wants to have the best for their kids...and to them..u are thier baby..they cared u,they loved u..and they dont want u to repeat the same mistake again..my advise is..try to hv slow talk with your perents..told them nicely,politely what u want in yourlife..and reasons...act like a matured girl...think before say somethings..and defnately,fara's gonna help u.."

and again...i asked..one last person..my BFF..efa...tq soo much babe for ur advised..thats make me really luv ya gurl...ur my bestfrenz ever....well..she told me that....
"babe,dont cry baby..!!u know what u want..and u know whats best for u..and i know..u can do it..talk to your parents..told them..doesnt mean u make a big mistake before,yourlife is end..!noo...and always remember...U are a GOODGIRL..dont let the anger control u..but u control them..be cool..and always remember..allah will always be with u..u SHOULD be forgiven and start a new life..and i know..u are a good girl..!!so..dont be sad..always remember..im here for u.."

soo...she's my gurlfriend where always be ready whenver i need help..im in trouble..and really wanna thanks u efa and ezhar..both of u really give me a big impact,give me the strengh to wake up..and rebuild mylife..from head to toe!!!haha..:D..terime kasih byk2..(tq very much!)

so now i've made my decision..but at first i refused to let my perents know..cause i know what might happen....but,my heart says that..i should let them know as they are my perents..so..i told them the..'good news'..soo..my dad was really exited..my mom?she just smile...with a bit like..'hhaaa,at last,my gurl did it!'...so,i told them i dont think so i wanna continue my study there..because..the course that been promoted really just not ME,MYSELF maannn!!!!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....i dont wanna be politics people,i dont wanna be a psycologist..
PLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!!...or im the one will need to see the psycologist????
*aarrgghh*~~~because having a MENTAL PROBLEM or MENTAL DISABLE???..i rele mati!!(i rather die)

seriously..its really a BIG matter right now..and i've made my decision..to continue..to MMU..
like it or not..i'll hv a slow talk with my parents..tomorrow..right after they're home...or may be..during dinner time..cuz i think its the perfecto time to talk....hhmmm.....

see..right one and after..lots and lots of problems are coming...
1.i cant hang out with my gf...and frenzzz...
2.my dad MIGHT need to be a DA at overseas..which i really hope it wont happen for this 2 years..PLZ GOD!!
3.place to furthers my studies....haaiiizzzz....
4.i dont know what might happen next??!!!

so..this is mylife..complicated,full of problems...what i really regrets bout mylife is....

1.having someone who doesnt know how to appriciate..
2.wrongly to be in loved with
3.meeting someone who love to take advantage towards myself.....

i HATE 'u'!!because of you..mylife is turning upside down!and i was sooo DIMBO...stupid to trust sumone jerk like u!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggghhhh!!!

so..people!!!!!if u meet someone,make sure u let someone know bout it..especially girls out there..never ever give all your heart and your soul to someone u dont know..or also known as STRANGER..and please..at least let ur sista or bro know bout ur status relationship..and please..please...listen to what ur big bro or big sis told ya..they always want the best for u..trust me..cause i've made a wrong step before..and now..im in the right path..my sister like him..so,we continue!!
and u will know yourself..whether..does he/she really love u?really into u??or..wanting something...???so..keep on playing with the love games..think wisely before making a decision..

love is not about sex..love is about trusting each other.cormfort each other.give and take..understand each other...well,sex is one of it..but i think..doesnt mean if u dont do sex u dont love your partner..aight?.if u really wanna do it..think twice..discuss together..not by forcing each other..doesnt help at all...

i love this phrase..!:D
"i love it when they try to get scandalous
even though they know they really can't handle it
they cant handle it!try to take at the dinner i cancled it!
if u really wanna know me first of all..
NEVER try to get to personal..cause i mean it when i say..
wanna love me?wanna touch me?think twice cuz u got a long way to go.."

hihihi....soo..yeah..that phrase really inspired me..:)..soo...before i end this up..i really wanna thank to evryone who read my blog,who support me...TQ SO MUCH!!!!

xoxo nolalita~~~

Friday, May 2, 2008


olaaa~~~~well..i think..i wrote it 2 x today..:D..well..i had a dinner tonite..at VS..which is in ampang(if ur malaysians then u'll know..);P..with some of my perents friends..theres about..hmm...3 family act..but we arrived a bit late..cuz as usual..im a bit late just now...a bit chosyy till i had to asked mr.KOALA to make dicision for me..but..xsempat..:(..he need to take his lunch..soo..i made up my mind to wear something..so i got no time to do my hair,no earring,no nothing..!!!and yet..my mom's shoes was missing in action..and..she scream at me..well seems like im the one who are responsibble for her shoes...cuz fara dont really take note bout anythings..=.='..sooo..while busy seacrching for her shoes..fara was busy asking me..'am i look good?am i ok wearing this??' which quite annoyed me anyway...cuz i was busy searching for mom's shoes,she was busy worried bout her looks!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!!!!!!!peningg!!!!!while my dad..keep on hOnNing the cars....as if he wanna told evryone that 'hey,we're going out yoow!!'...aarrgggghhhh!!!and seriously..i really look soo messy! *ggrr*
well..once we reach there..other family members were there..and all thier kids were sitting at another table..while..both of us..were sitting at the same table with my evrybody..i mean..same table with thier perents..which make both of us..toally awkward!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahhhaahahaha...its funny..but..thank god..we can mix around..hv some conversation..about ghost...sounds funny???totally...well..as people know..we(me n fara) dont really like to gossipzzzz...soo..i think..with ghost story,makes more interesting!:Dsoo..1001 story came out..quite funny even shammy..haha..but..hey,interesting!!!!..but my dad..haaiiiyyooo..keep on talking bout the DA things...and..mama said taht..papa wont leave me!!!!AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really wanna scream actually at that time..eeee..what the FISH??????
once i reach home....first thing i did was..switch on the notebook..!and buzzing mr.KOALA..haha..but he was busy...sooryy syg to disturb ya!!:D..act i got dc..cuz my dad swith off the ..soo..do my clean up and evrything...all of sudden my mom called me...need some helped..then...as usual..go to myspace,fs,facebook..blablabla...u name it,i hv it!!haha..check evrything..then hva chat a bit with my frenz..

then...i saw...mr.KOALA on9!!!!hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!only god know how happy i am!hihi..so..we chat..and we played a game...but..he win it!i lose it!!!grrr....i'l make sure i'll win!!!i WILL!!hahaahahaha..it feels sooo good when u got talk to sumone..u love,sumone who cares ya..:)..j'taime mr.KOALA beauccoouuppp!!!!!mmuuahhx!and its really put a BIG SMILE on my face!!!!tq syg!!!hehe..his busy with his asgmnt,project...this and taht..so..its quite diff for us to talk...but,today we made it!!!!
yeeeaaayyy!!!ok..ok..see,once i start about mr.KOALA...haiiiizzzz...hard to stop laaa~~~~

well..to u out there..who think..u wanna let ur pb away for a while..i think..this song..can help u a bit!and..might gonna make u gooo UUUULLLALALALLLLLA!!~~~

1.calabria-enur feat mims & natasja
2.dont stop the music - rihanna
3.ching-a-ling - missy elliot
4.bum like u - robyn..(really a good song if u hv crash on sumone..*winks~~!*
5.thirsty - cassie...(nice song to be loved with!:D)
6.dance like theres no more tomorrow - paula abdul feat randy jackson
7.elevator - florida feat timberland
8.fire - 50 cent feat nicole
9.funky bahia - sergio mendez...(songs that gonna make u wanna moves ur feet!)
10.get naked(i got plan) - britney..(even she SUCKS..but this song is soo cool!)
11.superafim - CSS..(its a brazillian song but its really gonna turn u on!!)

well..basically..this are the song..which help me..to be cool down..be OK back..normal..cuz..musics play my mood..musics shows me...who i am..blablabla....~~~...
so i guess...i write to much now..lets see..whats gonna happen tomorrow!!!
sayonara..adios amigos...bye2...

p/s:evryone who read this..please..please...pray for me..so that my dad wont be as a DA at overseas..PLEASE!!!!!:(
tq..terima kasih..she' she'..vanakam..khapunkha..


Thursday, May 1, 2008

its driving me nuts~~!

evrythings goes wrong...*SIGH*
my dad..might need to be transfer..to be a DA in aussie or UK..or..idk..depends..and they keep on talking about it..which makes me totally..sick about it..

look..i know..every perents wants the best for their kidz..but sometimes,they hv to know..what thier kids want in thier life..not just consider 'i want u'..blablabla...thats is what they want..not what we want..hhaaaaa...its really upsets me...

my dad..was really interested to be a DA..i mean evrybody in my family..except me...ok..evryone in my family..hv their own reason..

papa - he wants to escape from meetting his 'friends'...

mama - since she was young,she wanna migrate....and most of my cousins(especially mom's side)... staying out of malaysia...

fara - she wanna stay in aussie because she got lotssss of frenz over there..and she wanna watch Tegan & Sara concert..as this band always make their concert in aussie...

me - ?????i dont wanna go there..not for this 2 years....:(

ok..reason why i dont wanna go there.........

1.i've make someone to promise me to come here back...and he did..this septm..
2.i'm just about to start a 'new' life...with somenone...
3.i dont wanna leave my BFF
4.i just wanna hv my own life...
5.for god sake!im going to be 18..and i wanna hv a life like other teenagers...

so..do u think..its fair for me..to leave..while his coming here..all the way from urope..????
totally NO...i know..this might gonna be really hard for him..even me...

ok..may be..i've done something before..but i think..my perents..should hv a bit..faith..at LEAST....its hard to live in a 'PRISON'...goshhh..plz.....its suckz!!!!!!
well..lets say..i really hv to go...hope this will always in 'your' mind...

"Well you done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
and now I'm trying to get back
Before the cool done run out
I'll be giving it my bestest
Nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon its again my turn to win some or learn some
So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours
I’m leavin’ never lookin back again 
You found somebody who does it better than i can 
no more making you cry, no more them gray skies 
And I’m leavin’ never lookin back again…
and im really sorry to leave ya..
but,if we're meant to be together..we WILL meet someday,somewhere..
and always remember im yours.."

but at this moment...all i need is..please...pray for me...so that me and my family stay here...
so that i can continue mylife...pleasseeee......

put yourself..in my shoes...then u can understand...

Im hoping...that i'll stay..here...