Saturday, December 20, 2008


i dont know what to talk about...
but euuhhh..
i dont know what am i suppose to do during the weekend!!!!
ok fine..some might say
A: why dint u study?
B: why didnt u go out..have fun?
C: why dont u go back to kl evry week then?
D: sleep laa...
E: go to zoo..

so many idea that they gave a bit lazy to study....go out?..i dont hv $$$$!!!!
evrytime going out..we need $$$..without $$$..i cant go anywhere..yet my poket money is very limited laaa..adeh la!!!
uhum...sleep??..if i keep on sleeping then im going to grow side to side and my mind cant work properly....yet im gonna be so lazy as hell!damn!!!

going back to kl is not a good idea..i mean i didnt mean i dont like going back to kl..I LOVE so much to go back to kl..the thing is..who going to send me back to melacca???...yea.i can go by bus..but my parents dont allowed it..cuz im going to be ALONE going back not a very good idea... going to the zoo..i think i did it..last few month..i can say that..evry 2 week..we went to the zoo...ahhaha!..i know it mmight sound a bit lame OF ME..but..i dont know what else to do...
uuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhu....i hv a list..what im gonna do whenn im back in kl..

so still figuring out..what im gonna do later..well..i think i should go now..
as my tummy is singing!


tc evryone!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i feel it all

dedicated to mr.koala..:)..i hope ur good, happy as u do..and hv a great evrything..:)

I feel it all
I feel it all
I feel it all I feel it all
The wings are wide the wings are wide
Wild card inside wild card inside
Oh I'll be the one who'll break my heart
I'll be the one to hold the gun
I know more than I knew before
I know more than I knew before
I didn't rest I didn't stop
Did we fight or did we talk
Oh I'll be the one who'll break my heart
I'll be the one to hold the gun
I love you moreI love you more
I don't know what I knew before
But now I know I wanna win the war
No one likes to take a test
Sometimes you know more is less
Put your weight against the door
Kick drum on the basement floor
Stranded in a fog of words
Loved him like a winter bird
On my head the water pours
Gulf stream through the open door
Fly away
Fly away to what you want to make
I feel it all, I feel it all
I feel it all I feel it all
The wings are wide, the wings are wide
Wild card inside, wild card inside
Oh I'll be the one to break my heart
I'll be the one who'll break my heart
I'll be the one who'll break my heart
I'll end it thought you started it
The truth lies
The truth lied
And lies divide
Lies divide

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

damn n like is 2 diff thing..
and the pb is that...
only now i realise it..
i LOVE sumone else..
but i've make a big mistake..
i dont wanna hurt anyone..either u,you,and u especially..
and im still thinking how to tell u..
and how to face u in future..
im still thinking......
HOW and why i made such a decision...

and yes..the turth is..MY HEART BELONG TO SUMONE ELSE..


Friday, December 12, 2008


dear mama...
i love u so much!!
happy birthday mama...:)
im sorry i cant celebrate it with u..
and im sure fara is planniinng even makin some suprise for u!
and im sorry i cant be on the day itself as im having my exam!!!:(

ur so strong that i envy u so much...
and im proud to have a MOM like u...
wish happiinneess always be with u..with us!
we love u dearly!..and thank u for everything that u've sacrifice for us...
and thank u for "LAYAN-NING" my "KERENAH"..
hahaha!...and i am soo proud to be your daughter..
and u cant find a UNIQUE daughter like US!!^^..
since i was young..u really cared me much..
but still kakak dpt ATTENTION LEBIH cuz shes super wonderwomen!
u make me realise sumthing..
that life is not as simple things as i think...
from attitude,to work,money,expenses,study,relationship..just everything...
and the main key to success is SOLAT..huhuhuhuhu...
i'll keep that in my mind till i die...
last but not least..


clear up!:D

:P.. my friend..:)..he is someone that really a sweet guy..:)..
we're nothing...hukhukhuk!
and MEMER, if u read this..........

he help me to do lots of stuff!..ehee...
bought my cardi even some clothes!
be there when i need sumone...
very warm heart!!!..;)
and he is soo sweeet!!

and have a great vacation yer memer...
he is going to KK tonite....hv a save journey dear memer!:)..


and yea..i just finished my exam today..and its soooo OMG..
thats all i can say!..super susah tahap dewa yg melampau!...+.+
but nvm..i've tried my very best to do..hopefully we can pass them with flying colours...amin..
oryte..nanite..nk tdo!!


i hate u

regards on my status...the other day...theres nothing to do with anyone of u..may be some...
but not all..nothing to do with u ok MR.KOALA??..
its just made me do man cant think straight?
why ccant they think the consequences before making any decision?
why yea??....

take care everyone!!:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

cutest boyfriend ever <3

- Girl :​​ I love you.
- Boy : Yeah I know,​​ every​one loves​ me.
-​ Girl :​​ Reall​y?
- Boy : Yeah, every​ one of my frien​ds that are girls​ tell me that every​day.
- Girl : Oh but am I only your frien​d?
- Boy : No, you’​​re my girlf​riend​.
- Girl :​​ So when I say I love you I reall​y mean it.
- Boy : Yeah I know you do mean it.​​ It’s just that you don’t need to tell me that you love me anymo​re because I know you love me since​ the day we got together and i love you more each and every​day.
- Girl :​​ …..
- Boy : So wanna​ go somew​here tonig​ht for our 12 month​ anniv​ersar​y?
- Girl :​​ Yeah.​​.​​.
- Boy : I don’t know.​​.​​..​​maybe​ movie​ then dinne​r?
-​​ Girl :​​ Okay.
- Boy : I’ll pick you up after​ I get off and get ready​ okay?
-​​ Girl :​​ Okay.
-​​ Girl :​​ What time do you get off?
- Boy : In 2 hours​ and then I gotta​ go home and yeah get ready​ which​ takes​ about​ 15-​​20 minutes.
-​​ Girl :​​ hey.​​.​​.​​I thoug​ht you didn’t​ have work today​.​​.​​.
-​​ Boy :​​ yeah but my boss chang​ed my sched​ule.​​.​​.
- Girl :​​ Oh okay!​​ So i’ll see you aroun​d 7:30 then?
- Boy : Yeah!​​ and babe?
- Girl :​​ Yeah?
- Boy : I love you.
- Girl :​​ I love you too!
- Boy : Okay my manag​er is like looki​ng at me so yeah.​​.​​.​​.​​ i gotta​ go..
- Girl :​​ Okay bye.
- Boy : bye!
2 hours​ later​.
The guy drive​s to his girlf​riend​’s house​ and walks​ up to the door
- ​​Girl :​​ Hey! (​​gives​ a kiss to her boyfr​iend)
- Boy : Wassu​p.​​.​​.
you ready​?
- Girl :​​ Um.​​.​​.​​ wait.​​.​​.
let me get my bag and we can go ok?
- Boy : Okay.
They both watch​ed a movie​ and ate dinne​r.​​ Once they were done eatin​g, they heade​d back to the car but befor​e she got into the car.​​.​​.
- Boy : Wait!​​ Can I blind​ fold you?
- Girl :​​ Why?​​?​​!
- Boy : It’s a surpri​se!
- Girl :​​ What kind of surpri​se?
- Boy : A big one.
-​​ Girl :​​ Okay but only if you promi​se me that you will hold my hand while​ we’​​re drivi​ng.
- ​​Girl :​​ Okay blind​ fold me.
So they drove​ off.​​.​​.​and then they stopp​ed.
- Boy : Okay we’​​re here!
-​​ Girl :​​ Where​?
- Boy : Wait, let me walk you to the place​!
- Girl :​​ What place​?
- Boy : Somew​here!​​ (and gives​ a kiss to her on the lips)
- Girl :​​ Baby!
The boy walks​ her to the place​.
- Boy : Okay, ​​let me take the blind​ fold off you.
- Girl :​​ Where​ are we?
He takes​ it off her and she opens​ her eyes and sees the view of the city and at that same spot.​​.​​.​​that’​​s where​ he first​ asked​ her to be his girlf​riend​.​​.​​.​​.
- Girl :​​ Oh my God.​​.​​.​​.
(​​tears​ come down)
- Boy : Why are you cryin​g?
- Girl :​​ This is where​ you first​ asked​ me out.
- Boy : What are you doing​ the rest of your life?​​ (he asked​ on his knees​ and after​ he says that.​​.​​.​​behin​d him.​​.​​.
In the air it says “​​Will you marry​ me?” in fireworks)
- Girl :​​ (​​tears​ come down faste​r)
- Boy : I wasn’t​ at work when you calle​d me.
I was plann​ing this whole​ thing​!
- Girl :​​ Get up!
- Boy : Yeah?
- Girl :​​ (​​kisse​s boy)
- Boy : Is that a yes or a no?
- Girl :​​ Yes!
If you don’​​t repos​t this you will have the lonel​iest life!
If you do repos​t this,​​ you will have a relat​ionsh​ip that will last as long as you want it to!
You have 3 minut​es to repos​t this
if your a girl repos​t this as CUTES​T BOYFR​IEND EVER <3if your a boy repos​t this as WHAT A GIRL DESERVES

Thursday, December 4, 2008

heart that so?

i hv no idea how to say it..but then..yea..i was trapped in my world anyway..!
i get to know that...sumone is liking sumbody else..
but..nvm..u cant force things like this...
but..yea..its a bit frusterated....uuhhhmm..but then....
its okey la..
huh....what a life..
its ok...single is better i think...*sigh*
never ever mind..
the time will come..hopefully...

my advise is..try not to put big hope or else..ur gonna suffer like hell afterwards...and yes...
ive been thru it once..and i dont want to feel it ever again in mylife....its feellss soooo shitty....thank god i manage to get myself back within 3 month...and better now..but still not fully reccoovveerrr....ahhh..!!!..i felt like going out of this country for a while....hopefuly i'l manage to do so..HAHAH..angan2 sahaja..

allrryyteey...need to find sumthing to put on..
take care everyone!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Love is a thing that I can't describe
It sounds so foolish if I even try
Love is an arrow and it points at you
It tells you what you gotta do
Love is a verb and a noun as well
You find it in a dictionary under 'L'To give you a description to spell it out
But they don't say what it's all about
Love is a fire that you can't control
It burns in the middle and it leaves a hole
You can fill it up and you don't know when
It's gonna start to burn again
Love is a good way to lose a friend
It's a two-faced liar that you can't defend
Love is a virus that invades your heart
It starts to take it all apart
Love is a shape that you can't define
With an odd set of angles and uneven sidesyour head's that paper and your hearts the pen
Gonna do this sum again
It points at me
It tells me how it's gonna be...

what will u do if ur heart broken?
what will u do when sumone else took ur heart back?
what will u do to let other person know that u liking them?
how will u handle them?

blablablaa....its stuck ON me rite now!..+.+