Monday, August 3, 2009

i AM who I AM.

i am who i am...

memang saya manja orang nya
memang saya always think negatively
i am proud of myself..but proud in a good way...

i am who i am..

i am easily think something that i shouldnt think..
i am sucks at some part of life..
i am easily to like
i am stupid
i am in love with YOU
i am stupid at times
i will do something by doing it with reason

i am who i am

i love to be guide
i love to go out a lot
i love to eat cupcake a lot
i love who i love
i love doing what im doing

i am who i am..

i am not afraid of being lonely...

its true when ur in love...u are actually put ur heart in risk and make it to be broken again and that is the journey or life...the more its been broken,the strong u will be... :)

ready the weapon? ready the shield? 1 2 3...

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