Wednesday, October 1, 2008

when i grow up!:D

haha..i know..the tittle might sounds a bit funny!
well..wat makes me wanna use that pharres bcuz..i am listening to taht song act!
today is the first day of eid mubarak!..selamat hari raya everyone!
may hv a splendid raya...and ready for finals!
damn it la.!
humm..nothing much thoe today..

i've been thinking..some place..which is sooooooooo far away from me...but..yeah..
may be oneday i'll go there...
-its bcuz..i saw some video..bout their rollercoster..if im not mistaken..
its called..ATLANTA..its more or less like sunway logoon(malaysia)..its a water park..but i found it so interesting!!!!:D..and other country..i cant remember all..!!..its like 5 i think..but only this that i can remember that...owh yea..another one is..finland..thier rollercoster wass OMG!its really scary but..i like it a lottttttttt!!!!!!!
another 1 is...BERRY FARM..the roller coster called,Xcelarator..its superr suppeeerrr cool ride..its went back and forth!!...


kpd anda...terima kasih sgt2..saya dah baca blog anda..
dan ia sgt menyakitkn hati..
xpe..bumi ni bulat..
anda buat org..esk lusa anda akan mndpt balik..
tapi..terima kasih sgt sbb kutuk diri ni..
but i dont think u deserve the tittle "FRIEND"


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