Sunday, September 28, 2008

u are such a BITCH..

sorry for using the "rude" languange...but i think..she deserved it..
to u FUCKER...
u took sumthin dats belong to me..
and u took "him" away..
fine...just wait and see...
cuz i believe in karma..
wat goes around come around...and to u fucker bitch..
u took his love away from me...FINE..
i can stand at my own feet losseeerrr...
engkau mmg xlayak dilahirkan kat muka bumi ni
we'll wait and see...who's gonna suffer afterwards...
seems like u want him sooo bad..
as if..mcm xde jantan lain dlm dunia ni..
hey sundal,ko jgn ingt dgn cara ko rampas kasih syg my dad..
u can do watver the fuck u wanna do..not dat simple...
im gonna make sure i get mine..
MINE IS MINE FUCKER..ko mmg manusia paling LOOSER aku penah jumpe..

to all my friend..thanx a lot for helping me and calming me..and stay with when im totally down..only gods bole bls..amin....

and to sorry...papa tetap ayh adik..
tapi..when u scolded me on the phn dat day...just bcuz of that fucking bitch...
it makes me hates u till death..sorry for that..and what really upsetting me is..
u rather hang up the phn while talking to me just bcuz that sundal call u..
which i think...SUPER LOOSSERR gler bAB..
we'll see wats next..

and to those johorian yg kebatakkan...
the game has just begin...bagus.
kita lihat siapa yg akan merana kemudian hari..


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