Tuesday, February 17, 2009

thank u.:)

first of all..thanks to sis iedot..:)
for coming to melacca...:D
and visited me..
and i felt soooo LOVED by u guys!(jgn jelous ye fara)
and u brought me out..as i was hungry like hell..
and..guess what??

i manage to have my very very fav dish!
which is...squid!!yummy..(sotong goreng tepung garing!)

and i really had a very good time with u guys!..
unfortunately..i have no photo...may be i'l upload it later..so sis??pass it to me yea later!!:)

and nothing new in life..*sigh*
but i really enjoy mylife LOT!

tans of task to be done..
tans of projects..tans of tutorial need to pass up..as i took 6 subject( A MUST anyway..no choice..)


nevermind.....as long as it all goes well..its more than good to me!!

hummm...mama..rindu!!!!:P..yeaayy..!..i'll be back to kl this weekend..sooo???


<3 nolalita

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