Monday, May 11, 2009

will it be a problem?

i got my right to chose with whom i wanted to be with..please...

u are a good fren of mine..and i have never ever have the idea of REJECTED people..
even my close frens know that..i will never REJECT someone..please..its just the way u say it just now is really hurting me...A LOT..

and to all those people who have been stalking me since then..good job..just dont spread the STUPID romours will only making fool of yourself..

people they hv brain..jd xpayah nak bwk cerita yg bukan2..this and that..which is just all people who are close to me know who i really am..its just sometimes the romours that u totallyy out of YOUR MIND..yet people are laughing at you...

and to mr.chocolatey..i am very happy..thanks for light up all the glamp that ive been thru..


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