Tuesday, May 26, 2009


the 1st thing i wanna do when i reach kl is...

2nd...i wanna mmeett all my beloved sister!!
kak ecah,kak nad,sadly sis sara need to go back dahh..:(

3rdly..i wanna hangout with fara!i love u and i miiss u damn much!!!

4rdly..i wanna hangout with my BFF!!!alaannn!!i mis u!!lets meet up!but this time no mama..mama bussyyyy..:(

5thly..i wanna meett MR.SHYIE..its been looonnnngg time we dont hangout..

6thly..i wanna hit the malls..finding new cloth..OMG..its beenn like...3-5 month...i dont hv anything nice to put on..:(

7thly...im looking forward to meet u..and settle everything down..shall we?..thank u.

8thly..i wanna spend my time with mama!!riinndduu!!!:(

9thly..getting some new HAMSTER!!weeee..its just a plan..we'll see how far the truth is eh.?

10thly..im goonnaa miss u chocolateyy..:(..its okey..3weeks..but then its like...504 hours..we're going to be far apart from each other..=,(..nvm..i'll make sure we'll keep in touch no matter what no matter how..im goonnaaa mmiisss uuu muchiee muucchhhh!!!:D...me lovey you so much!=,(

im gonaa use my time wisely so that i can spend a looott of time with u!;)

and to all my angels...i love u guys so muchh..and im gonna miss u alll soo much...nvm..we're not soo far..i'll come down..insyaallah every 2 weeks i'll come down to meet u guys.....so its going to be fair ok?..;)..MMUUUAAKKS!

sumpah tekak teringin giler nk mkn cupcake sabrina!!!!


bubuto★ALANįƒ¦♥ ³★ said...

omg ! thx sabrina :)
4th cupcake ! ahahha :D

Yea imy too sabrina,
nak hang out juga
alar, nak mak cik
saya rindu kat ur mama
hahahahaha :P

Sabrina said...

hey dear...u really promote my cupcakes ni.. hehe :)

its always interesting to read ur blog... :)