Saturday, June 27, 2009

i wish

its one week from now to go to the day that im not looking forward ever in mylife...

all i can do is wish..all i can do is pray..all i can do is half of me...maman my lovely lovable choco,lovely angles..u guys are the main reason why im still surviving,still living till today..thank u so much!

i just wish..
i will WE will get what we should get..
what is ours...
what belong to us..
im gonna make sure it will belong to us..

i just wish that YOU will pay all the shits that u had give us..
thank u for treating us like THIS....

its the journey of mama told me..
my journey is still long..
and its just begin...
0.002% just started...

akal yg diberi tuhan itu adalah sgt berharga
jika darah daging sendri tidak bole utk berlaku adil
jgn sekali2 kau sibuk mencari darah luar utk dijdkn darah daging sendri..

kpd ANDA DAN BELIAU yg membaca ini..
if u dont like it,PLEASE u are soo not welcome to read it..
not even leave a coment..

if i say i hate sumone,i really do..
no matter who u are..

syurga neraka itu kerja tuhan..
tidak perlu berkata mahupun memberi pendapat
as u got no right to judge.


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