Thursday, June 4, 2009


its been soo long we didnt talk...
seeing each other i bet it wont we met past few month....
and it wont happen for sure..

thank u for not forgetting me..
thank u for your concern towards me...
i know u still care bout me as a friend for sure..
and thank u for that..

i am happy with mylife..even shits happen but i still hv my mom and my sis..
frens and apart of me will always be there for me...thank u guys..:)

and im quite suprised when u wanna talk to me...
and thanks for the concern..

and thnk u for stalkinggg me...HAHA!!

its just remind me of u..when i listen to DR.DRE and EMINEM..;)
thank u for being my koala..:)..
merci beaucooup!;)

the latest song from eminem..really remind me of u..its not wrong to remember the memory that we share rite?..;)..thanks for everything...the love,the care,the dumb,the scars..everything..thank u for stopping by in mylife journey..


Anonymous said...

miss ya

misZ NoLaLita said...

me manques aussi..:)