Friday, September 26, 2008

10 things i like about "u"

to mr.koala..hope ur reading this...:)..

10 things i like about u :

1)i like u bcuz u cared me so much..

2)i like u bcuz u treat me well..

3)i like u bcuz ur being so nice to me

4)i like u bcuz of ur heart

5)i like u bcuz u r urself when ur with me

6)i like u bcuz u stole my heart!!

7)i like u bcuz evrything that u promise u really mean it..

8)i like u bcuz u always there by myside...

9)i like u bcuz u never let me down

10)i like u bcuz u always cheer me up...

even its been like..6 month..we dont meet each other...and even we rarely got to chat...i really want u to know that....i am still right here...if watever i've said before or treat u bad..i am really ssoorry...

evrytime when we will defnately make smile even i will be like suppeer duppeeerr HAAPPYY!!and my heart will be like..*tttiiiinnkkkk* sparkling!!hahah..

im just sitting,wishing and waiting..........
take care always...

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