Monday, April 6, 2009

jual jual jual!

this week..i think..for the rest of this week..( the whole month i should say)..all the foundation student is busy selling thier thingS!!
goodluck people!

well..that is including me as selling..
and some DRINKS(alif punye keje..:P)

and today..we manage to sell of..50 pieces of cupcake!!yeeaayyyy!!..its soo worth it to go from 18th floor till the 1 st floor..well..i just hate to knock2 on people's door and be like.."helo goodevening..assalamualaikum!we're selling cupcake..u wanna try?.."
its just not me..haha!but who cares?? doing it for my project which equal to MARKS baby!..

markah itu penting yer kawan-kawan..:D..

so..yea!!im so happy and glad that me and my friends manage to sell it of..50 pieces for less than 2 hour..all the sweats(eww),and we went up to 18th floor by our own feet...haa..TERBAIK DARI LADANG!haha! usual..there will be sumone who are not satisfied for sure with us..

miss a: hey,how is your sales so far?
miss b: so far its doing just great!..and yours?
miss a: mine is doing great either...
miss b: wow!thats great!!
miss a: i think la kn,ur cupcake is quite hard to be sell of..because its too colorful..
miss b: owh?really?..well..i have no idea about that..

pffttt....helo helo kopi ke milo...=.=''..the color is the one who play its role people...come on?..when its colorful,its attract people to eat and buy...u will always be PSYCO..haih..

but whatever it is..we really feel honoured when people bought our cupcake!!...sorry coz for todays cupcake,is SOLD OUT..dont worry!we will selling it again tomorrow!!;)

well,im running out of time..its play time!!!HAHA!..take care everyone~~

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