Friday, April 24, 2009

at last

finally...all the assignment dah pass up dgn bangga nye ptg now..i am getting my rest...sgt lah bahagia hidup apabila assignment sudah siap..

well..tomorrow is the promnite!!yeay!but im not going......:D..
to YOU..i know ur reading it...sorry for disputing i had something2 that makes me not wanted to go..soryyy...theres a lot of other girl who wanna go with go ahead..

this month is full of activities and event...haih..mlm ni promnite di CYBER..soorryyy my deaarrrr fren..i cant join u there...and tomorrow is...promnite in not going either..masing2 sume ade no PROM..:D..and at the same nite..tomorrow nite also there is a ceremony..humm..MMU award which is held in my dear friend!WONG!!!congratsss!!heeee.....and the nextday..which is sunday..theres an mmu music society..ENCORE!!yeaayy!!..theres some artist coming..flop ppoppy,CAPRICE!!i amm sooo going!YEHAW!hehehe...theres a lot of things going for this month..wwwee!

owh...lastweek was my very 1st time..going back to my campus by was SUCKS..with all those people who doesnt know to read their ticket..duduk tempat org...eeee...with all the snoring..adoi..with those people who doesnt know to respect others...cakap as if org on the phn tu pekak mcm dia jugak..dah la xgeti duk diam..kejap2 men tendang2 kerusi org..lempang kang baru tau..then nk turun if tempat tu nk lari..smpai bus pun goyang2...xde manners langsung..aarrgghh!..then jalan tgk2 org..bukan nk pandang depan...seliper org pun ko pijak terbaik la smpai koyak..FUHK je kot...dah la nk beli seliper susah..seliper fav lak tu..haih...nk kasik duit minyak xdde duit..nk kasik duit tol xde duit..bagus..beli kereta baru ade lak duit..tanggungjawab xnk pulak laksanakn..bagusla..terbaik sangat2..anda yg bace, kalau xsuke SILA JANGAN BACA...awal2 sudah saya kate..xtau la kalau xpegi sekolah...ngumpat org pandai xkn bace xgeti kan..haa...

final is coming..6 paper..WTTHH???>.<
wishes all MMU student goodluck!!amin..

humm..what else eh...

then cuti!

life is getting superb!yeay!...alhamdulillah..:)..

alryte..theres a lot thiings that i need to catch up...i'll update it later!:).. cuppycake..goodluck with your muet paper tomorrow...wish u all the best..ur english is superb..u can do it very well..insyaallah..amin!:)..i never hate u..keep that in your head.



amir said...

yooo yooo...caprice yow...datang tau !!... :D

misZ NoLaLita said... surely will come!!...ticket i sume kn kat u..:)..i'll meet u on sunday ok?!
;)...thanx memer~~