Sunday, April 26, 2009


hihi..i know u love caremal POPCORN...wee~
i knnow you are reading it anyway...

i saw your status...i am so sorry..

its not PERFECT thinggy that i need..but some space...

i am a heartbroken i need some space,some air for me to breath and settle everything down..

u are a greaat guy,sweet..and a brilliant student!as madam robiatun LIKE u a LOT!..;)..
im sorry if u felt like im treating u badly..or etc..thousand of apologize..i really didnt mean to...
but i want u to know that im so lucky to hv u as my friend in mylife! what i heard romours saying that u are blablabla~..well..its all because of JELOUSY!:D..dont worry...i know who u are...;)..

owh..and thank u for accompany me during the ENCORE!!!even we dont really talk as i was soo amazed with CAPRICE...and u know it urself i am sooo crazy over him!HAHA!sorry yeaa..for all the crazy nonesense that i did!GAHA!:P

last but not sorry if u feel offended with not ready for anything at this moment...sorry..

but..i am so grateful to have a great friend like you!!!;D

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