Sunday, June 1, 2008

happily in sunway..end up at hospital..amazing???gagagagaga

well..on wednesday..cant remmber the,my sister and one of her bestfren..all of us went to sunway lagoon...its more or amuesment park...ade wet and dry park....thought of going with my girlsss.....(include boyssszzzzz)..:P but...evryone hv thier own things to june is just around the corner...its the month of BUSY...becuse its basically the month for continueing studies...kat malaysia la....overseas xtau...soo...went i go there..i was really enjoyed...even feel a bit lonely of cuz...:( but i can deal with it...haha...i ride evrything except the thing that will make me wet hell no!!!!!we dont bring extra clothes even bikini or swimming trunk or swimming suit or watever...

so..theres a ride..that i emmhh quite like it..but seriusly its a nightmare thoe...well...when i ride it for the 3rd time...i hit a steel which is..the handle bar...can u imagine how pain is it???gagagagagaga....soo...right after that..i was rushed to a hospital...mmm....i never knew that its really serius during that night..bout..11pm..i need to do operation...and i cant remember anything..wheter its pain or...feeling good..or...watever...IDK!!..bcuz i've been given the..bius..soo...i dont feel anything..and how it feels??mmm...its like...u die for a while..thats wat i can say..;D..

soo..right after i've finished my operation..i awake at..5.30 am...bcuz the nurse was taking my blood pressure and i can feel the pain..aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!i wanna scream but i cant cuz i was sooo weak..and..i slept back bcuz the pain was really killing me...!!...thanx to mama,papa,kakak especially..thank u sooo much!u save my life kakak!!!@.@..umi,abg eddie,kak su,along,kak zura and abg nuar..i saw u guys and i remember...all of u were there to give me support...and thanku soo much for supporting me...and i've get evryone troubles!!!SSOOORRRYYY!!!!haha..soo..waht i've been told by my doctor...mmm...i lost a loootttt of blood..and 2 of my blood vassels..pecah..sound scarry???eeeeeeeeeeeee...even when i heard it i really feel like is she kidding??or its killing me???soo...i cant walk icant o nothing...which is really bored to death!just lay on the bed..and my butt are growing wider and wider...YIKIES!!!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....i really concern bout my body..well i think evryone was tummy got spare butt are like bumper car...OMG...i hate it...

it takes get my feet back..and still..i cant jump, i cant move to much..but then..when shopping time....hell yeah!i can walk..and still keep myself look GOOD..doesnt mean im sick i hv to look sooo lame...eee...hahahaha...but i really wanna thanx my sister..bcuz of her i can see the world back..or else...i've coma..thanx for keeping the conversation...even when im in pain u still making jokes...adeehh!..and because of operation had been postphn!haha..thanx kakak!

soo..right after i got parents brought me to a PD(port dickson) the nearest place that hv my place which is malaysians of coz..saye bangge jd ank malaysia..(kononnyer...)watever..i refused to follow..which i said in my heart..see i just finihed my operation and yet wanna bring me here and there...adoooiii..but then..i just gooo..bcuz my parents have booked the hotel..and its my mom who wanna spend the weekend over went there and seriusly its the worst vacation i've ever had!damn it!cuz i have to seat on the stupid wheelchair..and i cant go anywhere i want..bcuz papa or fara will push it..and if i push it myself..defnately akan tertonggeng..lagy nyanyee!!! pretending im enjoying it..cuz i dont want mama to feel bad..i want her to enjoy...

so..the nextday..we went to a private beach..which is in...johor..and its my plan actually to go there..before i got to U..soo yeah..during that 3day..i got my feet back..alhamdulillah...:)..and i feel sooo mreaxing...forgot all the problems...its feel like heaven!!!!!!haaaa...i wanna go there again!defnately!!i will...:D..

so now....its just like..4-5 days more to go..which i will continue and start my journey...mylife is in my hand..hmmm..i really miss my koala a lot...and what really a matter to me now is perents keep on talking bout the DA things..which we need to move out of malaysia...god plz dont make it happen...:(..if they really need to go..plzzz they hv to be other then canada,aussie or any place that in my parents mind..i dont wanna go..plzz....haa..

jika anda pernah terjerumus dlm 'cinta'
pernah merasai apakah itu 'cinta'
merasai disayangi..
melalui keperitan yg saya alami..
melalui dunie yg saya lalui..
anda pastim memahami ape yg tersirat di hati ini....

i really miss my koala more then much..and lately..his very2 busy.and we dont really cuz im sad..but.i hv to be understanding..and i always pray for ur success mr.koala!!!goshh plz..let let this 3month fall as fast as u can...amin..

"u give mylife back..
 u let me to live and give me the strength..
 to face evrything..
 even ur the one who give me the confident back!!"

thank u soo much mr.koala...if u read sorry if i've ever hurt ur feelings..
much love from me...:)

so..right busy preparing my stuff..and spending these last week with my family..especially with miss gonna miss evryone of u...koala of cuz i really miss uu aalllooottt!!!!!haaaa!:(..alan,fara,nina,meerna,all the big sis and bro..badar...

well..i wish evryone goodluck in whatever ur doing an take care always...spend these last moment with someone u love..especially family!family or bf 2nd yer..:P..watever it is..
have a grreat evrything!!pray for my suceess, parents wont go for the DA thing..

thanx for droppin by to my blog..and keep on reading k...:P

nolalita signing out...(",)...


mind rapist said...
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mind rapist said...

yeay~ u r on ur own feet.gud to know.. ;)

misZ NoLaLita said...

yea..yea..but still can really dance laaaaaaaaaa..aaaaaaaaaaa!!!which i hatre the most..i cant even move my hips..!..but its ok..pray for me..!!!

it will recover..but takes time la..