Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i can feel the heat now!!! much..its just that..the assignment..are getting more and more..but the lec just brief us what actually its all about..sooo...i dont really hv any group at this moment..but i really hope...once i get a group..all of us will coperate towards each other...its hard..if..only some people do the work and yg lain hanye menumpg name atau lebih dekenali sebagai....parasit..di mane hanye menumpg ats pokok bg mndptkn kepentingan diri TttTTttTTuuUUuuuUUTTtttttTTT bukan??

soo...among the getting to like it i think..especially..human devlopment..where by u learn bout people...quite interesting!! economics..i love economics..soo yeaaa!love them!!its not easy..but not really hard..all u need effort..and..the interest itself..or else..defnately gonna be tough..hmm..what else??..bissness math!aaaaahh!!i sucks at math..seriusly..thank god i didnt failed it during SPM..(ita a big exam....its the exam for u to ensure to continue to U..or else...u need to reseat the test...which mean u hv to REstudy for 2 years!!)..

soo..all together..for this trimester..i need to take 5 subjects..which are...

1)human devlopment
2)bissness math(its really,really hard!!botak kepale oo nk pikir!!!)
3)economics..(aaaahh...soo into!:P)
4)accounting..(memeningkn..!but i'll try my best to be the best!..:D)
5)english..( english!!..and french and spanish!!)

soo..that are my subjects..that i neeed ttoo learn..and...its really make me to be more independent...MORE..:)...

so,tomorow i got class in the morning..aaaa!!8am..dammnn!got to wake up early evryone the best!!!daaaa~~!!!

mmm..but at this quite worried...mmm..about hte DA thing..papa might need to go AUS,canberra..90% sure will go..but just dont know when..hmm...and..mama called me..this morning...while im about to start my class...she said...

mama:mama nk tanye bout ur result la..what do u get for ur blablablabla???

adik:mmmm...blablabla...why are u asking me all this??

mama:im filling some form..required form..where by for u to do ur canberra...why? just asking...

mama:ok la..dats all i wanna noe..sorry for interupting ur class..

adik:nvm..bye.. u noe how i felt that time??dddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuummm!!!the tears coming to drop...aaaaaaaaaaaa..i hate it..why now??why me?not fara??why??im just about to start a new life..then all of sudden this thing came up..its sooo fucked up!!!eeeeeeeeeeeee....i really hate i called fara just right after i've finished my told me result is very good..and are qualified to continue my study there....FUCK UP..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....i noe..i should be grateful..but i DONT wanna GO there..not for this 2 years....PLEASE....

fara whose the one who crazy to move to aussie not me...then why dont just fara go there??isnt it good??but idk.....right just using evry single sec to spend time with my BFF...and yeaa..we had lunch together...go to class together..wake up each other...and i pray to god..PLZ...dont let this things happen..please....

kalau anda yg membace ni,
anda ade org yg anda sayangi,
anda akn tahu..rase..apakah keperitan yg saye rase
pada saat ini..
hanye tuhan saye berserah...

so..i really hope..and wish..all of this thing wont happen!plz...and to mista koala...i'll be always with u..:)..

take care evryone..

nolalita.. :(


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Anonymous said...

I miss you, Sab <3.