Tuesday, December 16, 2008


humm..love n like is 2 diff thing..
and the pb is that...
only now i realise it..
i LOVE sumone else..
but i've make a big mistake..
i dont wanna hurt anyone..either u,you,and u especially..
and im still thinking how to tell u..
and how to face u in future..
im still thinking......
HOW and why i made such a decision...

and yes..the turth is..MY HEART BELONG TO SUMONE ELSE..


1 comment:

★ALANįƒ¦♥ ³★ (= said...

Sabrina you don't need to feel guilty. You have the right to be love someone else. Just be strong yeah. Anyway sape la yg sumone tuh ?
nak jadi penyibuk amik tahu jap
ehheheheh ^^