Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Love is a thing that I can't describe
It sounds so foolish if I even try
Love is an arrow and it points at you
It tells you what you gotta do
Love is a verb and a noun as well
You find it in a dictionary under 'L'To give you a description to spell it out
But they don't say what it's all about
Love is a fire that you can't control
It burns in the middle and it leaves a hole
You can fill it up and you don't know when
It's gonna start to burn again
Love is a good way to lose a friend
It's a two-faced liar that you can't defend
Love is a virus that invades your heart
It starts to take it all apart
Love is a shape that you can't define
With an odd set of angles and uneven sidesyour head's that paper and your hearts the pen
Gonna do this sum again
It points at me
It tells me how it's gonna be...

what will u do if ur heart broken?
what will u do when sumone else took ur heart back?
what will u do to let other person know that u liking them?
how will u handle them?

blablablaa....its stuck ON me rite now!..+.+

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