Saturday, December 20, 2008


i dont know what to talk about...
but euuhhh..
i dont know what am i suppose to do during the weekend!!!!
ok fine..some might say
A: why dint u study?
B: why didnt u go out..have fun?
C: why dont u go back to kl evry week then?
D: sleep laa...
E: go to zoo..

so many idea that they gave a bit lazy to study....go out?..i dont hv $$$$!!!!
evrytime going out..we need $$$..without $$$..i cant go anywhere..yet my poket money is very limited laaa..adeh la!!!
uhum...sleep??..if i keep on sleeping then im going to grow side to side and my mind cant work properly....yet im gonna be so lazy as hell!damn!!!

going back to kl is not a good idea..i mean i didnt mean i dont like going back to kl..I LOVE so much to go back to kl..the thing is..who going to send me back to melacca???...yea.i can go by bus..but my parents dont allowed it..cuz im going to be ALONE going back not a very good idea... going to the zoo..i think i did it..last few month..i can say that..evry 2 week..we went to the zoo...ahhaha!..i know it mmight sound a bit lame OF ME..but..i dont know what else to do...
uuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhu....i hv a list..what im gonna do whenn im back in kl..

so still figuring out..what im gonna do later..well..i think i should go now..
as my tummy is singing!


tc evryone!!

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