Saturday, May 3, 2008

apekah??entah la~~(whats all about?what evverrr..~~) a bad day...may be good day for u guys out there...hmmm..well..the wholeday doing nothing..just clean up my super extra messy room...then..thought of doing my laundry but..the water runs....very slow...which gonna take time...!!!

then...hmm..just repair my fs and ms a bit with my friends.....
well..actually,last night...most of my friends were keep on asking me..whether did i get thru the UPU..(local universities)..but i said..i dont..haha..cause i've checked once before but it says that...'sorry, your name is not in our system'...hahahaaha..soo..i was quite happy actually..because since i really interested with,while i was chatting with my of them..i think.. ALAN..asked checked again..because yesterday was the real result for all..local universities which belongs to goverment..where by u dont have to pay..even a single cent!!well,evryone was dying to get it..but not me...

im not saying that our local Universities is not good or etc..its just that..i think...i like the way MMU university works...even though its a private university,but i think..its worth to study..but its actually all depends on yourself..:)...sooooo...i went to the checked...i was hoping that..i wont get!! says that....
'tahniah!anda telah terpilih untuk melanjutkan pelajaran anda di UIAM..dalam jurusan ASASI SAINS KEMANUSIAAN'
english:congrats!u hv been chosen to continue your study at UIAM majoring in human science

so...guess how i felt that time?????...
-im going to hell....

so..i told my friends that i get thru..and i've been promoted...most of them abit..jelouse positively anyway..;P..even they're the straight A's scores..they didnt get thru..may be its my luck..MAY BE~~but..seriously,i dont really know whts its all i amke some reseach..and thank god!one of my..consider friendz..MISS FYNN..she's a lecturer at that explain to me..evry single thing..whts exectly its all about..thanks MIss Fynn!..and..i've asked her told me that..
"do waht u think u like..people can only advise u..
but..u,urself have to make your own decision..
think..whats the best for yourself..not for others"

so..right after that...i asked..Mr.Koala's opinion..and..he told me the same things..
"do what u like..and whats the best for u..ok..?
i know u can do it!"

2 person said..the same thing...then..i bestfriend...ALAN...and he told me that
'if u think your not interested with it,better MOVE ON..make the right decision for yourself..its ypurlife..not thier think the best for yourself..." said the same things...hmm..well,as u read this through..i love to asked bout others opinion..then im gonna make a conclusion..which based on what others said and what i think...

i still dont really have the confident yet..and..i asked one of my BIG BRO..:D..and...wht he told me is....
"sometimes,our perents wants to have the best for their kids...and to them..u are thier baby..they cared u,they loved u..and they dont want u to repeat the same mistake advise is..try to hv slow talk with your perents..told them nicely,politely what u want in yourlife..and reasons...act like a matured girl...think before say somethings..and defnately,fara's gonna help u.."

and again...i last BFF..efa...tq soo much babe for ur advised..thats make me really luv ya gurl...ur my bestfrenz ever....well..she told me that....
"babe,dont cry baby..!!u know what u want..and u know whats best for u..and i know..u can do to your parents..told them..doesnt mean u make a big mistake before,yourlife is end..!noo...and always remember...U are a GOODGIRL..dont let the anger control u..but u control cool..and always remember..allah will always be with u..u SHOULD be forgiven and start a new life..and i know..u are a good girl..!!so..dont be sad..always here for u.."

soo...she's my gurlfriend where always be ready whenver i need in trouble..and really wanna thanks u efa and ezhar..both of u really give me a big impact,give me the strengh to wake up..and rebuild mylife..from head to toe!!!haha..:D..terime kasih byk2..(tq very much!)

so now i've made my decision..but at first i refused to let my perents know..cause i know what might happen....but,my heart says that..i should let them know as they are my told them the..'good news' dad was really mom?she just smile...with a bit like..'hhaaa,at last,my gurl did it!',i told them i dont think so i wanna continue my study there..because..the course that been promoted really just not ME,MYSELF maannn!!!!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....i dont wanna be politics people,i dont wanna be a psycologist..
PLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!!...or im the one will need to see the psycologist????
*aarrgghh*~~~because having a MENTAL PROBLEM or MENTAL DISABLE???..i rele mati!!(i rather die)

seriously..its really a BIG matter right now..and i've made my MMU..
like it or not..i'll hv a slow talk with my parents..tomorrow..right after they're home...or may be..during dinner time..cuz i think its the perfecto time to talk....hhmmm.....

see..right one and after..lots and lots of problems are coming...
1.i cant hang out with my gf...and frenzzz... dad MIGHT need to be a DA at overseas..which i really hope it wont happen for this 2 years..PLZ GOD!! to furthers my studies....haaiiizzzz....
4.i dont know what might happen next??!!!

so..this is mylife..complicated,full of problems...what i really regrets bout mylife is....

1.having someone who doesnt know how to appriciate..
2.wrongly to be in loved with
3.meeting someone who love to take advantage towards myself.....

i HATE 'u'!!because of you..mylife is turning upside down!and i was sooo DIMBO...stupid to trust sumone jerk like u!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggghhhh!!!

so..people!!!!!if u meet someone,make sure u let someone know bout it..especially girls out there..never ever give all your heart and your soul to someone u dont know..or also known as STRANGER..and least let ur sista or bro know bout ur status relationship..and please..please...listen to what ur big bro or big sis told ya..they always want the best for me..cause i've made a wrong step before..and in the right sister like,we continue!!
and u will know yourself..whether..does he/she really love u?really into u??or..wanting something...???so..keep on playing with the love games..think wisely before making a decision..

love is not about is about trusting each other.cormfort each other.give and take..understand each other...well,sex is one of it..but i think..doesnt mean if u dont do sex u dont love your partner..aight?.if u really wanna do it..think twice..discuss together..not by forcing each other..doesnt help at all...

i love this phrase..!:D
"i love it when they try to get scandalous
even though they know they really can't handle it
they cant handle it!try to take at the dinner i cancled it!
if u really wanna know me first of all..
NEVER try to get to personal..cause i mean it when i say..
wanna love me?wanna touch me?think twice cuz u got a long way to go.."

hihihi....soo..yeah..that phrase really inspired me..:)..soo...before i end this up..i really wanna thank to evryone who read my blog,who support me...TQ SO MUCH!!!!

xoxo nolalita~~~


Anonymous said...

sabar jer la yer..

Anonymous said...

ayoyoyoyoy. sabrina. jst relax. jst go wit da flow, hahaha. xyh tension2. kite nih mude lgi. now jst enjoy. nnti ble da tue2 bru lah tension2. okeyh? hahaha

Anonymous said...

apekah? siapekah? Kah Kah Kah!!!