Wednesday, May 7, 2008

married??eeeee.....what a FISH???

haha..i know..evryone will be like...what the hell is wrong with me!!!, i've seen a lot of..couple , family...and it makes me I wanna GET married???hahahahhaha..i know it might sound a bit THIS moment..jajajjajajjajjajaa...i dont wanna think bout it la...gler pe!!! young man!!!!i wanna enjoy mylife...!!!!hihi..

ok..well today..i visited my..babysitter..she take a good care of me..since i was...11month..because both my perents are's the one who's been taking care of me...soo..all of her kids have married..and..she got...3 grandson..and..1 grandaughter.....hihi..nice huh??

nothing much actually today..just filling up some forms....then do some research...

a bit boring today..but..i think..i end up to dance the wholeday!!!yeeaahh baby!!it seems like im quite lazy to go to gym..soo..i think..when we dance..its a part of exercise anyway~~!!hihi..still u'll get sweat!and u've using evry part of your body....actually i get this idea to make some moves..because..i was listen to my music..then a song called.."dont cha"..soo..i was like.."hey , its a nice song thoe to dance!!"soo..yeah..just make steps..anyhting that i feel like doing..and this songa ctually remind that i hv crush before...hahahahhhhha..guys..will always be guys..when the girl really "like" him....they will never appriciate..bcuz of what??bcuz she's NOT..


guys..will defnately REJECT these girls...and guess what??when the girls..turn to be a "new" person.....they will be like.." are u?are u free tomorrow?may be we can hv acup of tea..or may be watch movie..nice outfits...blablabla...."

eewwww...i really hate this kindda guy..FCUK..u i listen this song..its quite funny..u know..when u think back bout ur past...hahahhahhhaha...watevaa~~~ dont get to chat with mr.koala... :,(...
saddd laaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhh!!!!may be he went already to his vacation..or..idk..
hmm..nvm..hope evrythings is ok...ok la..tonite i wanna sleep a bit medical check up tomorrow...

thaks to evryone who read this..i know..its a not what i said..its my heart who write..all of these entry...soo..goodnight evryone!!!

xoxo nolalita...(",)

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