Monday, May 5, 2008

im in love with ironman..haha..exceptable or BLAHH~~

wwwwwaaaalllllllaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ola my parents are home..i cant get up late,need to tidy my room hile fara will messy up this room...its her part time job anyway... *sigh* mom wakes me 6.30..for me to pray..then..i slept a lazy girl anyway...bout..8.30 i woke up for the real one...bcuz my mom's need some do breakfast..but..guess what??i slept back!!! fara's the one who help mama at the kitchen...seriously..i was sooo tired and..a bit sleepy..cuz last night i slept at..5 eyes really cant open...after 2 moms get angry cuz evryone was down stairs but me??still on the bed!! she really pissed off and scream like a tarzan...."adikkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!wake up!!!!!!!your not a princess ok!!go and take ur shower!!i give u 10 mins for u to down!!!!!".so the tarzan sound really wake me up and automatically straight go to the toilet and maannndddiiii!!!!(shower)...

but seriously..i really felt like a princess..(sometimes..bcuz i owez be the cindarella anyway..while fara is the step sista..:D)..i went down stairs..the breakfast is drinks is fels soo ggoodd!!hahahaha... dad decide to make a,we cooked togather..which is its my family tradition..saturday and sunday is a family day..which my dad never go out with bis mom will stay and fara??sometimes..we went out some space for my perents!!!! was really dying to watch.."IRONMAN"..while my dad wanna watch "congkak"..its a malay wanna watch "40 hari pocng bangkit" hich is a horor movie from..indonesia..i love horor movie! mom???she dont long as all of us went out together....

soooo..we went my fav place..:P..the curve..and watch ironman..fara was really excited..and thank god!once we reach there..the movie was filling,we did make it through..:P..we took couple seats!!which is..romantic for both my perents..but not for me and fara....*sigh*...we keep on quarell bout drinks,popcorn..and the space for the seats..haaaaiiiizzzzzz.....sooo hard mann!!!!while my perents keeps on cuddle each A bit JELOUSE...hahaha..positively OK...haaaa..ok..ok..fara,mama,papa really enjoyed watching it..and sometimes they were quite annoying..cuz keep on talkinga s if they are the director...HAIYYOO...but overall...its a cool story..and i start to like IRONMAN..!!hihi..but still..MR.kOaLa owezzzz in my heart!:)...

before i wanna go usual..its hard for me to pick what to wear...but..then..i decided to wore something that i bought last week..simple but gorgous!!haha...

then....i bought some shirt..its quite nice..fara did fit in it..but not me.. :,( ...its sad!!!im in love with it..but..i'll take it to the tailor and fix it wont look big,bulky on me...i love to hv a fit shirt..not to big,not to small..just nice..:)...

once im home...of coz..the first thing i do is...ONLINE!!!!,facebook,fs,hi5..u name it la..evrything i hv..hihi..but nothing much on my msn, usual..gonna buzz mr.koala...we talked a bit..but then..he asked me to chat with his friends hv a short conversation..ahhahaha..and it was really fun!!and his friend..add me up..which..make him..jelouse i think..hmmm....good to be jelouse!!!i love it!!..hhaha..:)..dont worry mr.koala..!!!

well...since evryone is asking 1001 ques...which im tired to answer la....

1.hv i ever had any crush?
-yes..bcuz of him,i hv the strengh to build up my personality..and explore i am.TQ so much..:)..and for god sake!i wont dated him anyway..! i in love now? u read my blog...what do u think???..

3.are u single? single but it?

4.who is really important to u right now?
-of coz my family,frenz and mr.koala......=.='

5.what do i think about myself?

6.3 words best describe urself....

7.people said..ur cute..what do u think?
-what i think??tq for it..but dont ever let this cute face fools u..!!

8.air , fire , soil..which one best describe u?
-i will play with the fire..cuz u might get burn and burst!!!better be extra careful~~

9.who is ur idol?or..rolemodel...and y?
-it will be my mom of coz..even she's getting older..she really make herself look gorgeous mom is really a smart mama!u cant even lie to her..a big NO!NO!..
my rolemodel..will be..cassie!i love her becuz..she's so pretty..and..i wanna be like her..i mean..not by singing or watever..i love the way she lead herlife..and..the way whe cares bout her body!!:)

10.whats song are u listening to rite now?
-dance with me by novell vaugue..(might be spell wrongly!)

11.whats your hobby?
-hmmm..i love to make my feet moving...and..sleep...its my fav...things that i'll do when i've got nothing to do...

12. 3 things u will bring anywhere,evrywhere......
-my ipod
-my psp
-my hmm..wat ek?..let me think...bangles...there will be something at my wrist..:)..

14.who do u love the most?
-myself..of to love yourself before u love somone else..:)

15.who is mr.KoaLa..?????
-someone who important to me..someone who i wanna be with..someone i LIIKKEEE to be with..someone who helped me a lot..someone i syg..someone i heart..

OK????satisfied??now..i've answerd asking me something which really......ur dad also cant even answered..aight??tq..

thats all for today....:)..tq to evryone who read and keep on track reading my blog...!!!!!!


xoxo nolalita....(",)


Anonymous said...


Whats your hobby sabrina?
I must say SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. You've been sleeping like for the rest 24/7!! Duh!!

Gila kaki tido.

misZ NoLaLita said...

yea..i love not PUTTING on weight ok markonah???at least im sleeping........

be cool yea mis squissy...:D