Sunday, March 8, 2009

happy as can be.:)

yesterday was the great time ever that i've spend..:)

and yeaaa!!..I AM MISSING YOU A LOT!T.T

its okey..i'll be coming back nextweek perhaps..insyaallah if theres nothing much work or stuff,i'll be coming back by nextweek...;)

and yea..last nite was a blast..i really enjoyed it a lot with YOU..yes u know YOU....

even we didnt make it for the ice skating but the movie was great
even im a bit lost watching it..

mule2 faham then lost,then ok back then trus lost smpai habis..
and thank u tu kakak ecah..teman kan kakak ku tersyg..(kononnye la HaHa!!)
and she really enjoyed,over joy i guess last nite..
maybe next time sis naddy should come along..



Separatedly la eh..HHAHAHA!..joking!!:P


to u my dear cuppycake..i really had a great time with u..i really do hope to meet u again for sure!!!..:)

im gonna miss you a lot...=,(

and yeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....I AM FALLING an arrow been shoot to an apple!:P


apelaaa diri mengarot..haih...

watever it is...i am soo haapppyy yesterday!!!teheeeeeeeee:D..

miss you!
miss u also kakak ecah,sisy naddy!fara xyh la..hihihi:P


amir said...

pic so nice ^__^

misZ NoLaLita said...

thank u amir..:)