Friday, March 20, 2009


im going back TODAY~

im gonna miss all of my dear frenssss!!!!rindu nnti..

nk gado dgn jaja!!haahahhahahaha!!..nk NYYIIHHAAAA dgn fura!!

nk blur same2 dgn ili..!!

nk gossip dgn nuar!!!haha!!

nk belajar dgn geee mis GENIUS kita tuu!!uhu~~

nk story telling time dgn izza!!ahaa!!...u were back since last nite after the exam!
xsay bye2 ppuunn:(...

fura dah smpai seremban sama2 dgn gee.. :(

syaza sedang nk pack brg usual..byk nyeee barang awak sygku jaja!!!

ili?..masih tridak dpt dikenal pasti..haha!..tido lagii yer..!

and me?..

getting ready to go back....sayu giler hati ni!..adeh la... @.@

bout the midterm...all i can say is.. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its totally hard!..when theres a will defnately A KILLER SUBJECTS!jahat btul!

and this paper is the paper yg selalu buat org kene repeat...same goes with accounting~!!

accounting is A HELL!..sgt i dont even have the basics!..

nvm..we'll try as hard as we can yea??..

ok okeeyyy..enough of MIDTERM...its time to HOLIDAY=PLAY!,im going off now!!weee~..wish everyone a happy holiday!..and to those who are still in school, WELCPME BACCKK!!hahahahah!!!

take care everyone!!


izza the PINKERTON said...

choyyy sgt i nak balik cpt ler :D

see u afta holidays

misZ NoLaLita said...

ok dear..i'll be missiinngg u!!muaks!!

p/s: dia amek DEVIL lps exam the otheer dayy..!..=.=''