Friday, March 6, 2009



as i am back...


it feels so good to be home...

spend time dgn mama..
what a lovely weekend i had!!:)

starting nextweek,its a BUSY WEEK..damn..

no more outing,no more "LEPAKING",no more SLEEPING(which i love the most)no more nothing..


everything is about,project,midterm...

and then..HOLIDAY.. but only for a week..=.=''..

well,better than no holiday at all...still planning where to go during the holiday...

and yeaaahh..tonite is a GIRLS DAYOUT!!:D..its going to be me,mama and my sis..

p/s: sorry alan..i cant bring u this time..haha!! time okey?;)..


im looking forward to meet u AGAIN!!!:)..and thank u for taking a very good care of me that nite..i really had a very GOOD time..with u!;)...thanks my dear cppycake!;)

have a grreat weekend everyone!!!:D


bubuto★ALANįƒ¦♥ ³★ said...

imy !
hahaha, it's okay sabrina :)
we will meet someday :)

misZ NoLaLita said...

yeA..sure..:)..later i'll hv a 1 week break..set up a day..thenw e hangout with fafa ok?
and..may be u can bring ur gf as well!!!:P

would be grrat!!:P