Wednesday, March 11, 2009


well..the drama is OVER BABY!!
and it feels soo good...

i left only..humm...4 thingss more to go...

and now the important thing is..
my exam..midterm is coming..nextweek...

on fri i hv 2 paper...damn it!!
or else it will be 3 paper..gler la..

but then another paper will be after midterm break...

and yeah..i hv thinking of sumthing during that break...will tell u about it..LATER!:P


i cant wait to be home!! my facial foam left at home...and my face is getting worst over here...=.=''

i went to the pharmacy,guardian,watson..u name it..jj,tesco blablabla..they dont hv it anymore..
as they told me that they hv change it with a new product....and they hv stop producing cant they replace it with something else 1st...:(..nvm..
then i decided to buy the garnier facial foam..
and guess what??!!

my face becoming oily,and pimples are here and there...and its not as clear as before..
and makes me lose my confident nk keluar rumah..jahaman kot muke...=.=''

thank god tomorrow is friday!:D..i'll be back tomorrow..
by BUS..@.@ my very 2nd time ALONE in the bus..and as,u hv to pick me up...hHAHAHAHAH!!..:P

hmm..Alan told me that he'll bring his gf along!!!!yeeeaayy!! last..but i hope ur REAL gf yer..ahaks!:P

and he will pick me up tomorrow...thaannkkk you alan!!:P..ur the best fren ever!!!!weeeeee~~~

i thought of asking cuppycake help..but as he told me that he is busy with his final i dont wanna trouble him...distance jauh kot...mengade2 je nk menyusahkan dia..=.=''
just for the sake of picking me sis dont allowed me as well..BAHAH!:P

well..i just hope..that tomorrow will be a great journey..i dont want the same shit happen AGAIN....ahaa~~

till then..take care everyone!!..thank u for droppin to my blog!!:)

p/s: i cant wait to meet and taste the lovely CUPCAKE from MIS sabrina!!!!!!!and perhaps if theres a,hope to meet you as well!!..IMYDM!!!:(

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